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Dr. Wendy J. Garrison

Instructor of BiologyDr. Wendy Garrrison
Department of Biology
The University of Mississippi

Office: 228 Shoemaker Hall
Telephone: (662) 915-1089

Ph.D. in Biology, The University of Mississippi (1997)
M.S. in Biology, The University of Illinois
B.A. in English, Lake Forest College


BISC 102 Inquiry into Life - Human Biology. A survey course intended for nonbiology majors, introducing basic principles and emphasizing the function of the human body, including diseases, cellular processes, respiration, muscular system, reproduction, development, immunity and inheritance.

BISC 102 H Inquiry into Life - Human Biology for Honors College students. Intensive reading, writing and discussion.

BISC 104 Inquiry into Life - The environment. A survey course intended for nonbiology majors, emphasizing the relationships of humans to the environment, including origin and diversification of life, behavior, ecology, role of plants, and environmental concerns.

BISC 104 H Inquiry into Life - The environment for Honors College students. Instensive reading, writing and discussion.

BISC 220 Natural Resources Management, The Rainforest, Costa Rica. A study of natural resources with emphasis on forestry, agriculture, wildlife management, coastal development, and multi-use planning.

BISC 318 Botany. Basic botany for majors, minors, and preprofessional students.

BISC 342 Plant Diversity. Examination of processes and patterns underlying plant diversification, including a survey of the evolution of major groups and associated dynamics of life history and morphology.


ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES) HAZARDOUS WASTE RESEARCH AND INFORMATION CENTER, Champaign, Illinois. Research Scientist. Project officer on .5 million dollars in research grants. Gave guidance and assistance to principal investigators. Developed the state research program on environmental effects of hazardous waste, in conjunction with the director and research program coordinator. Wrote requests for proposals, and coordinated peer review of proposals submitted fro funding.

THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, INSTITUTE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES, ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LABORATORY. Project Associate. Investigated chemical reactions of the common water treatment methods ozonolysis and chlorination, using gas-chromatograph-mass spectrophotometric analysis. Studied antioxidant compounds in plants from alpine and non-alpine habitats.

PARKLAND COLLEGE, DIVISION OF LIFE SCIENCES. Champaign, Illinois. Instructor. Developed and taught a lecture and field course on local natural and cultural history, prairie ecology, and human impact on the landscape. Course was offered in the evening most semesters.

UNITED STATES ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING RESEARCH LABORATORY, ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION. Champaign, Illinois. Biological technician. Assessed environmental effects of Army training activities for use in computerized environmental impact analysis system. This system was designed to assist Army personnel on installations in complying with environmental regulations, particularly those pertaining to writing Environmental Impact Statements.


Garrison, Wendy J., Gary L. Miller, and Richard Raspet. 2000. Ballistic seed projection in two herbaceous species. American Journal of Botany 87:1257 - 1264.

Larson, R.A., W.J. Garrison and R.L. Carlson. 1990. Differential responses of alpine and non-alpine Aquilegia species to increased ultraviolet-B radiation. Plant, Cell and Environment 13:983-987.

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Larson, R.A., W..J. Garrison and K.A. Marley. 1986. Preparation and photoisomerization of 2-formylcinnamaldehyde in solution. Tetrahedron Letters. 27:3987-3990.

Garrison, W.J. and C.K. Augspurger. 1983. Double and single seeded acorns of Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa): frequency and some ecological consequences. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club. 110:154-160.


Garrison, Wendy J. 1997. Functional Morphology of Ballistic Seed Dispersal in Two Angiosperms


McCook, Lucile M. and Wendy J. Garrison. 1997. Distribution and Status of Turtleheads, Chelone glabra, C. obliqua and C. lyonii in Mississippi. Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Fund.


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) radio. April 1995 Interview on "Science Now" in conjunction with the opening of the Evolution House at Kew Gardens and the conference on The Evolution of Plant Architecture, London, England.


Garrison, Wendy J. 2007. Poster - "Your Backyard" Project Engages College Students in Online Class. Mississippi Native Plant Society, Oxford Mississippi.

Garrison, Wendy J. and Alston Parker. 2007. Poster - Campus Landscaping Can Be More Environmentally Sound. Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Starkville, Mississippi.

Garrison, Wendy J., Paul K. Lago, Lucilie M. McCook and Gairl E. Stratton. 2003. Composite ACT Scores Predict Success in Introductory Biology Classes at The University of Mississippi. Mississippi Academy of Sciences. Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Garrison, Wendy J. "Seed dispersal strategies in two species: Physics of ballistic seed projection" Cornell University 1998. Guest of Graduate studentsin Division of Behavior and Neurobiology.

Garrison, Wendy J., Rich Raspet and Gary L. Miller. 1998. "Functional Morphology of Seed Dispersal in Two Angiosperms" Mississippi State University.

McCook, Lucile, and Wendy J. Garrison. 1997. Distribution and Status of Turtleheads, Chelone glabra, C. obliqua and C. lyonii, in Mississippi. The University of Mississippi Field Station 1997 Science Conference, Oxford, Mississippi.

Garrison, Wendy J., Tyler J. Craddock, Richard Raspet and Gary L. Miller. 1997. Measuring drag on ballistically projected seeds of Croton capitatus, (Euphorbiaceae). Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Biloxi, Mississippi.

Garrison, Wendy J., Richard Raspet, Stephen R. Wood and Gary L. Miller. 1996. Visualization of dehiscence in vetch, Vicia angustifolia. Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Jackson, Mississippi.

Garrison, Wendy J., Gary L. Miller and Richard Raspet. 1995. Structure and function of ballistic seed dispersal mechanisms. The Linnean Society and Kew Gardens, Evolution of Plant Architecture Conference, London, England.

Garrison, Wendy J., Gary L. Miller and Richard Raspet. 1994. Implications of ballistically dispersed seed and pod morphology. Botanical Society of America, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Garrison, Wendy J. Gary L. Miller and Richard Raspet. 1994. Functional morphology of ballistically dispersed seeds. Poster. Graduate Student Research Symposium. Sigma Xi and the Office of Research, The University of Mississippi.


Provost's Partner's grant with Dr. Tamar Goulet: "Personal Response System Clickers for Multiple Users", 2006. ($1,000).

Alpha Omicron Pi "Women of Excellence" award. Outstanding Faculty/ Staff member, 2004.

University of Mississippi TACIT (technology acquisition for curricular and instructional technologies) program recipiant 2003, 1996.

Chancellor's Partners Grant. "Global Position System (GPS) Units for Research and Teaching" with Lucile McCook. December 1996. ($500)

Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Fund Grant. "Distribution and Population Status of Turtleheads, Chelone glabra , C. obliqua and C. lyonii , in Mississippi." Principal Investigator with Lucile M. McCook. January 1996 - December 1996 ($1,722)

Teaching Assistantship, The University of Mississippi 1995 - 1996, 1994 - 1995, 1993 - 1994, 1992 - 1993, 1992 - 1992.

The University of Mississippi Office of Research, Graduate Student Travel Award, 1995, 1992.

Biology Graduate Student Association Travel Award, Spring 1995.

First Place, Outstanding poster presentation in Biological Sciences, Sigma Xi and Office of Research, Graduate student research symposium 1994. The University of Mississippi.

Sigma Xi, full member, 1994.

Association of Southeastern Biologists Student Travel Award, 1992.

Sierra Club Conservation Award, Outstanding Contribution - Community Recycling Center North Mississippi 1991.

Scholarship, University of Michigan Biological Station.

Verdell Frasier Young Award, University of Illinois.



Coordinator of BISC 102 and 104. 1999 - 2006.

Committees: Interdisciplinary Science Course Development 2004-2005; Undergraduate Studies 1999; Greenhouse 1999 to present; Herbarium 1999 to present; Herbarium dedication (chair) 1999. Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation. 1993 Instructor in Summer Bridge Program.


Instructor : "Reading the Landscape" adult class on local natural history, Oxford Park Commission, 1991.

Chair, Choctaw Group, Sierra Club 1989 - 1991.

Director, Community Recycling Center , 1988 - 1990. Founded and operated a recycling center in Oxford for 13 months as a cooperative effort between the Sierra Club and City of Oxford. It included drop off and buyback operations. Arranged and oversaw sale and shipping of collected materials. Coordinated volunteer labor. Donated proceeds to Oxford Park Commission. Obtained grant from the City of Oxford for start up costs, and negotiated agreement for use of city personnel, space and machinery in support of the recycling center.

URBANA, ILLINOIS - Prior to 1987

Co-founder Grand Prairie Friends of Illinois , a not-for-profit prairie preservation organization.

President, and board member through. Obtained 501-C3 tax exempt status; raised funds for and purchased 6 acres of remnant railroad prairie, obtained grants from the Illinois Department of Conservation for maintenance and fencing of the area; and from other state organizations for prairie conferences.


Sigma Xi, The National Association for the Advancement of Science, Association of Southeastern Biologists, The Mississippi Academy of Sciences.