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Dr. Tamar Liberman Goulet
Associate ProfessorDr. Tamar Liberman Goulet
Department of Biology
The University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677

Office: 524 Shoemaker Hall
Telephone: (662) 915-7457
FAX: (662) 915-5144


Links to journal pages or PDFs are provided where available and allowable under copyright agreements. Please contact me if you need a copy (pdf or paper) of something that you are unable to access.

Peer-reviewed Publications:

Shirur, K.P., B.D. Ramsby, R. Iglesias-Prieto and T.L. Goulet.  2014.  Biochemical composition of Caribbean gorgonians: implications for gorgonian symbiosis and ecology. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.  461: 275-285.

Ramsby B.D., K.P. Shirur, R. Iglesias-Prieto and T.L. Goulet.  2014.  Symbiodiniumphotosynthesis in Caribbean octocorals. PLoS ONE 9(9): e106419.

Kenkel, C.D., C. Sheridan, M.C. Leal, R Bhagooli, K.D. Castillo, N. Kurata, E. McGinty, T.L. Goulet and M.V. Matz.  2014   Diagnostic gene expression biomarkers of coral thermal stress.  Molecular Ecology Resources. doi: 10.1111/1755-0998.12218. 

Banaszak, A.T., M. García Ramos and T.L. Goulet. 2013. The symbiosis between the gastropod Strombus gigas and the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium: An ontogenic journey from mutualism to parasitism. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 449 (2013) 358365.

Byler, K.A., M. Carmi-Veal, M. Fine andT.L. Goulet.  2013.  Multiple symbiont acquisition strategies as an adaptive mechanism in the coral Stylophora pistillata. PLoS ONE. 8:e59596.

Kenkel C.D., G. Aglyamova, A. Alamaru, R. Bhagooli, R. Capper, J.R. Cunning, A. deVillers, J.A. Haslun, L. Hédouin, S. Keshavmurthy, K.A. Kuehl, H. Mahmoud, E.S. McGinty, P.H. Montoya-Maya, C.V. Palmer, R. Pantile, J.A. Sánchez, T. Schils, R.N. Silverstein, L.B. Squiers, P.C. Tang, T.L. Goulet and M.V. Matz.  2011.  Development of Gene Expression Markers of Acute Heat-Light Stress in Reef-Building Corals of the Genus Porites. PLoS ONE.  6: 1-10.

Goulet, T.L. 2011. What happened to 28 days? A clicker case about the female menstrual cycle.  Center for Case Study Teaching in Science Case Collection.

Lundeberg, M.A., H. Kang, B. Wolter, R. delMas, N. Armstrong, B. Borsari, N. Boury, P. Brickman, K. Hannam, C. Heinz, T. Horvath, M. Knabb, T. Platt, N. Rice, B. Rogers, J. Sharp, E. Ribbens, K. S. Maier, M. Deschryver, R. Hagley, T. Goulet, and C. F. Herreid.  2011.  Context matters: increasing understanding with interactive Clicker Case studies.  Educational Technology Research and Development. 59: 645-671.

B. H. K. Wolter, M. A. Lundeberg, H. Kang, and C. F. Herreid*.  2011.  Students’ Perceptions of Using Personal Response Systems (“Clickers”) With Cases in Science. Journal of College Science Teaching. 40: 14-19. *This article is a product of multiple authors as part of a NSF national dissemination grant. Unfortunately, the journal limited the number of people that could be listed as authors. The other authors are listed in the publication as associate authors in the following way: “The following individuals provided significant and critical contributions to the successful design, implementation, analysis, and/or communication of this project and should be considered associate authors: T. Zhang, N. Armstrong, B. Borsari, N. Boury, P. Brickman, M. DeSchryver, T. Goulet, R. Hagley, K. Hannam, C. Heinz, T. Horvath, M. Knabb, K. Maier, T. Platt, N. Rice, B. Rogers, E. Ribbens, and J. Sharp.”

Oren, M., G. Paz, J. Douek, A. Rosner, Z. Fishelson, T.L. Goulet, K. Henckel and B. Rinkevich.  2010.  'Rejected' vs. 'Rejecting' transcriptomes in allogeneic challenged colonial urochordates.  Molecular Immunology. 47: 2083–2093.

Manor, S., O. Polak, W.M. Saidel, T.L. Goulet and N. Shashar. 2009.  Light intensity mediated polarotaxis in Pontella karachiensis (Pontellidae, Copepoda). Vision Research 49: 2371-2378.

Goulet, T.L., T.C. LaJeunesse and K.E. Fabricius. 2008. Symbiont specificity and bleaching susceptibility among soft corals in the 1998 Great Barrier Reef mass coral bleaching event. Marine Biology 154: 795-804. LINK

Goulet, T.L., C. Simmons, and D. Goulet. 2008. Worldwide biogeography of Symbiodinium in tropical octocorals. Marine Ecology Progress Series 355: 45-58.

Johnson, C.E. and T.L. Goulet. 2007. A comparison of photographic analyses used to quantify zooxanthella density and pigment concentrations in Cnidarians. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 353:287-295.

Goulet, T.L.  2007.  Most scleractinian corals and octocorals host a single symbiotic zooxanthella clade. Marine Ecology Progress Series 335: 243-248.

Goulet, T.L. 2006. Most corals may not change their symbionts. Marine Ecology Progress Series 321: 1-7. Feature Article.

Goulet, D. and T.L. Goulet. 2006. Nonindependent mating in a coral reef damselfish: evidence of mate choice copying in the wild. Behavioral Ecology 17:998-1003.

Goulet, T.L., C. Cook and D. Goulet. 2005. Effect of elevated temperature and light levels on the photosynthesis of different host-symbiont combinations in the Aiptasia pallida / Symbiodinium symbiosis. Limnology and Oceanography 50: 1490-1498.

Goulet, T.L. and M.A. Coffroth. 2004. The genetic identity of dinoflagellate symbionts in Caribbean octocorals. Coral Reefs 23: 465-472.

Goulet, T.L. and M.A.Coffroth., 2003. Stability of an octocoral algal symbiosis over time and space. Marine Ecology Progress Series 250: 117-124.

Goulet, T. L. and M.A. Coffroth. 2003. Genetic composition of zooxanthellae between and within colonies of the octocoral Plexaura kuna, based on small subunit rDNA and multilocus DNA fingerprinting. Marine Biology 142: 233-239.

Coffroth, M.A., S.R. Santos,and T.L. Goulet. 2001. Early ontogenetic expression of specificity in a Cnidarian-Algal symbiosis. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser.222:85-96.

Shlesinger, Y, T.L. Goulet and Y. Loya. 1998. Reproductive patterns of scleractinian corals in Eilat, Red Sea. Marine Biology 132:691-701.

Goulet, T.L. and M.A. Coffroth. 1997. A within colony comparison of zooxanthella genotypes in the Caribbean gorgonian Plexaura kuna. Proc. 8th Int. Coral Reef Symp., Panama 2: 1331-1334.

Liberman, T., A. Genin and Y. Loya. 1995. Effects on growth and reproduction of the coral Stylophora pistillata by the mutualistic damselfish Dascyllus marginatus. Mar. Biol. 121: 741-746.

Rinkevich, B., N. Shashar and T. Liberman. 1992. Nontransitive xenogeneic interactions between four common Red Sea sessile invertebrates. Proc. 7th Int. Coral Reef Symp., Guam 2: 833-839.

In Press:

Goulet, T.L. Do labels lie? A clicker case about nutrition labels and biological molecules. Center for Case Studies (SUNY Buffalo). In Press.

Goulet, T.L. and J. Thibeault When the World Can Kill You: a Case about Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) and the Immune System. Center for Case Studies (SUNY Buffalo). In Press.

Boury, N. and T.L. Goulet.  Did I pass my genetics test?  A clicker case study on Mendelian genetics. Center for Case Studies (SUNY Buffalo). In Press.

Popular articles:

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Goulet, T.L. 2005. Your body's built-in ovulation detector. Conceive Magazine. Fall 2005 2 (3): 88.

Goulet, T.L. 1993. Published travel article in the Richmond Times Dispatch

Goulet, T.L. 1991. Published over 20 articles in the Richmond Times Dispatch, a daily newspaper in Richmond Virginia