The University of Mississippi
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Standing Committees
Sabbatical Leave Review
The Sabbatical Leave Program is a planned faculty enhancement/development program that provides an individual a concentrated period for full-time scholarly study. Sabbatical leave is intended to improve/expand a faculty member's professional competence and thus his/her value to the University. Sabbatical leaves may be granted for curriculum development, instructional improvement and development, research, writing, and other scholarly activities consistent with disciplinary and career expectations and practices. Initial review of the request for a sabbatical leave is by the chairperson of the respective department, with any review structure in place by that particular department. The request is passed to the dean of the appropriate college to be considered by the dean and any review structure that the college may have. It is passed then to the Sabbatical Leave Review Committee that, upon consideration, makes a recommendation to the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. This committee is composed of tenured faculty members.

The composition of the committee is as follows: