Grad School Newsletter - October 2013

Dean of All Trades

Dr. John Z. Kiss is not only the dean of the Graduate School here at the University of Mississippi, but he is also an ambassador, scholar, and teacher. Kiss received his B.S. degree from Georgetown University and obtained his doctorate degree from Rutgers University. ...Read More.

Two Degrees, Same University

Jessie Austin is a 24-year-old recent University of Mississippi graduate from Jackson, Miss. Austin obtained his Bachelor of Accountancy degree here in 2011 and recently completed his Master’s degree in Taxation degree in May of this year. Austin was thoroughly involved both academically and socially during his tenure here from 2007-2013. ...Read More

UM Accountancy School Programs Ranked Nationally

Dr. Mark Wilder is the Dean of the Patterson School of Accountancy here at the University of Mississippi. Wilder graduated with his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama, obtained his M.B.A. from the University of South Alabama, and his Ph.D. in accounting from Florida State University....Read More

UM Strikes First

When looking for a graduate school Sumedhe Karunarathne applied to nine universities. The University of Mississippi was the first university to send him an offer, so he accepted. He never missed a single lecture and he enthusiastically taught undergraduates, while maintaining a perfect GPA ...Read More

Against All Odds

Valeria Beasley-Ross arrived at the University of Mississippi with a high school diploma and began a job as a senior secretary. With the support of her friends and family, she has climbed the academic ladder and will be receiving a Ph.D. in Higher Education. ...Read More

Scholar Embraces Family Ties

Kristen Hymel got goose bumps the first time she stepped on the University of Mississippi campus as an undergraduate. With the mentoring of Dr. Kenneth Suftka and the support from her mother, she continued her education at Ole Miss and will be receiving a Ph.D. in Psychology. ...Read More

A Message from the Graduate Student Council

As a governing body, we are constantly seeking new ways to work with the administration in providing a superior experience to students who attend the University. The University is about to pass a Parental Leave policy for graduate students, a policy first envisioned by members of the GSC Senate. ...Read More