Department of Mathematics

Course Syllabi


Course Section Title Instructor
115 01 Elementary Statistics Warren
115 02 Elementary Statistics Warren
120 01 Quantatative Reasoning Bokka
121 01 College Algebra Reynolds
121 02 College Algebra Reynolds
121 03 College Algebra Hanes
123 01 Trigonometry Cotwright
246 01 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II Treloar
261 01 Unif Cal/Analytic Geom.I Mathur
262 01 Unif Cal/Analytic Geom.II Dorrough
264 01 Unif Cal/Analytic Geom.IV Paterson
267 01 Cal for Bus., Econ., & Acc I Sukanek
268 both sections Cal for Bus., Econ., & Acc II Anderson
302 01 Applied Modern Algebra Wei
319 01 Linear Algebra Wei
556 01 Advanced Calculus II Bu






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