2001 Undergraduate Catalog

The 2001 Undergraduate Catalog is available as a set of PDF files. Please use the index below to determine which file(s) you require.

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Overview of The University of Mississippi and Academic Information

Table of Contents, pages 1-4

Academic Structure and Degrees Offered, pages 5-7

Overview of The University of Mississippi, pages 8-30

General Information on Academic Program, pages 31-54

Student Life, Activities, and Services, pages 55-68

Study at Ole Miss

Admission to the University (admission, re-admission, transfer and international student admission), pages 69-77

Fees and Expenses, pages 78-85

Financial Aid, pages 86-114

Academic Regulations, pages 115-128

Information on Schools and Departments

The College of Liberal Arts, pages 129-193, download page 164 for correction:

The School of Accountancy, pages 194-201

The School of Business Administration, pages 202-224

The School of Education, pages 225-244

The School of Engineering, pages 245-270

Law Center, pages 271-272

Paralegal studies, pages 273-274

The School of Pharmacy, pages 275-307, download page 298 for correction

The Medical Center, pages 308-318

Courses of Instruction (Alphabetical by Department), download pages 363, 423 and 425 for correction

Administration, Faculty, and Staff, page 406-505
Index List, pages 501-505, download page 501 for correction

Important Phone Numbers

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