Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from a course before deadline:

A student may drop any course, using the online system, until the course withdrawal deadline, which is the 30th day in which classes meet during a regular semester. However, after the 10th day of classes a fee will be assessed per dropped course.  See the Academic Calendar at www.olemiss.edu/dept/registrar/  for the last possible day to drop classes.


Late Withdrawal from a Course:

After the course withdrawal deadline, a student may drop a course only in cases of extreme and unavoidable emergency as determined by the student's academic dean. Unacceptable reasons for late withdrawal include dissatisfaction over an expected grade or a change in a student’s degree program or major.

In no case may a class be dropped after the last regular class day in any semester, session, or term.

Courses dropped after the course withdrawal deadline will still appear on the student’s official transcript.

The W mark will be recorded if the student is passing the course at the time of withdrawal; the F grade will be recorded if the student is failing.


Withdrawing from the University (Dropping to zero hours):

A student who wishes to withdraw from the university during the course of a semester or summer term may do so

  • online at my.olemiss.edu; select Registration; select ‘drop to 0 hours’
  • in writing via fax or mail or email
  • in person at the Office of the Registrar on campus

Appropriate university offices (Student Housing, Financial Aid, Bursar, ID Center, Library and the student’s academic dean) will be notified of the withdrawal.

Full refunds of tuition and fees (minus a processing fee) are given for withdrawals during the first 10 days of classes of a regular semester; no refunds are given after the 10th day of classes. Students who withdraw must apply for readmission if not enrolling for the subsequent term.

In the case of an unofficial withdrawal, the school will determine the appropriate date of withdrawal to be that of the midpoint of the term, unless the student can document a different date. All students should be aware that withdrawing (either officially or unofficially) can adversely affect scholarships and grants (Academic Excellence, MTAG, etc.) for the next term of attendance. The Office of Financial Aid can provide guidance in those cases. Refund, repayment and withdrawal policies are subject to change, without notice, in order to comply with administrative and regulatory requirements.


Military Withdrawal:

Any student who has enrolled at an institution under the governance of the Board of Trustees, who is a member of the Mississippi National Guard, or one or more units of the Mississippi State Guard, or who is a member of any of the reserve components of the armed forces of the United States, and who has been placed in active duty status by orders of the President of the United States, or who has been drafted into any component of the armed forces of the United States, may be allowed to withdraw as a student of the institution, with a full refund of tuition, out-of-state fees (if applicable), student fees and any special fees, with room and board fees prorated with the approval of the Institutional Executive Officer.

Any student who withdraws from an institution under this policy will not receive any grades. The student record will show evidence of the withdrawal with documentation on file.

A student required to withdraw from the university for involuntary military service may be given full credit for course work in progress provided at least four-fifths of the course requirements have been completed. The student’s academic dean will decide if the four-fifths requirement is met, and the student’s instructors will decide whether or not final examinations will be required.