The University of Mississippi
Office of the Provost

General Education


General Education/Core Curriculum Mission Statement

General Education at the University of Mississippi is that body of educational experiences that is common for all undergraduates.  The purpose of General Education is to provide a broad foundation of liberal learning, assisting students in:

  1. understanding their chosen professions in the broader context of human endeavor;
  2. adapting to a world of evolving intellectual challenge and professional change;
  3. becoming informed and involved citizens in a democratic society;
  4. examining ideals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, as well as gaining a critical understanding of ideas from Western traditions; and
  5. leading lives rich with meaning and satisfaction.

Institutional Mission Reference: The University will provide excellent, student-centered undergraduate academic and co-curricular programs.  Our vision is to produce graduates who have the breadth and depth of knowledge to be lifelong learners, to be successful in their discipline, and to be good citizens

The Core Curriculum: The Core Curriculum is a set of 30 hours of course work taken by students.  The purpose of the Core Curriculum, along with course work in the major, electives, and co-curricular learning experiences, is to prepare students for the above general goals. The Core includes the following courses required for all entering freshmen students: six hours of English composition; three hours of college algebra or quantitative reasoning or statistics (taken from a department of mathematics) or a more advanced mathematics course; six hours of laboratory science; and fifteen hours of humanities, social/behavioral sciences, and fine arts (to include at least three hours of course work from each area).  

Core Curriculum courses should enable students to

  1. study the principal domains of knowledge and their methods of inquiry;
  2. integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines;
  3. analyze, synthesize, and evaluate complex and challenging material that stimulates intellectual curiosity, reflection, and capacity for lifelong learning;
  4. communicate qualitative, quantitative, and technological concepts by effective written, oral, numerical, and graphical means;
  5. work individually and collaboratively on projects that require the application of knowledge and skill;
  6. understand a variety of world cultures as well as the richness and complexity of American society; and
  7. realize that knowledge and ability carry with them a responsibility for their constructive and ethical use in society.

Intended General Education Student Learning Outcomes:  Upon completing the core curriculum, along with certain courses within the program/major and co-curricular learning experiences, University of Mississippi baccalaureate-seeking students should demonstrate the following General Education competencies:

  • mathematical reasoning
  • written and oral communication
  • analytical reasoning/critical thinking (evaluation and analysis of complex material and sources of information)
  • ethical reasoning