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Provost Scholars FAQ



What is the Provost Scholars Program?

The Provost Scholars Program is a set of benefits that we offer to students in recognition of their academic achievements.  Provost Scholars enjoy the following benefits:

  • Provost Scholars move to campus in time to participate in a Provost Scholars Seminar prior to the beginning of classes. This benefit facilitates a smooth transition to the college environment and sets the tone for the student's college career.
  • Provost Scholars receive priority registration before most of the other students on campus.  This benefit (which begins in the fall for spring courses) will help to ensure that Provost Scholars are able to enroll in the courses that they need to complete their degree in a timely fashion.  Enrollment in fall courses takes place at orientation. Provost Scholars should attend any orientation session that has available seats.
  • Provost Scholars attend meet-and-greet sessions with other Provost Scholars, deans, faculty, and the Provost.  Past events have included an Ice Cream Social, Museum Mingle, and participation in the Cultural Passport Program.
  • Provost Scholars attend private Provost Scholar Seminars/workshops (e.g., public speaking, writing for exams)
  • Provost Scholars can enroll in restricted Provost Scholar course sections. In the past, we have offered, a Provost Scholar section of psychology and a section of our popular Freshman Year Experience course (EDHE 105). Enrollment in these sections is not required, and depending on the interest, we hope to expand the offerings of Provost Scholar course sections.
  • Provost Scholars are eligible to apply to the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College in their junior year, as long as they have a 3.5 GPA at that time.

Provost Scholars must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to remain in the program.  This is assessed each year at the conclusion of the August intersession.

How do I get in?

There is no application to the Provost Scholars Program.  All students who apply to the University and who meet our academic requirements are automatically issued an invitation to join the program.  To qualify, you must have both of the following:

    • A high school GPA of 3.25 or higher,
    • An ACT Composite score of 26 or higher (or SAT combined score of 1,170 or higher on the old SAT critical reading/mathematics or 1,240 or higher on the new SAT-R evidence-based reading and writing/mathematics).

There are no other requirements for membership, and there are no exceptions to these criteria.

Once you are invited to participate, you must accept or decline the invitation by following these steps:

Is there an application or an interview?

No, there is no separate application or interview process for the Provost Scholars Program.  All qualified students are automatically issued invitations to join.

If my scores aren’t high enough, can I retake the test and become eligible?

Yes, if you retake the ACT or SAT before the start of your first semester and get a score higher than the program minimums (ACT 26 or higher, SAT combined score of 1,170 or higher on the old SAT critical reading/mathematics or 1,240 or higher on the new SAT-R evidence-based reading and writing/mathematics), then you will be issued an invitation to participate.  You may not be able to take advantage of all of the program benefits, such as early move-in, but you can participate in the program once classes begin.

Can I be in the Provost Scholars Program and in….?

  • Honors College
  • LuckyDay program
  • FASTrack program
  • Croft Institute
  • Lott Leadership program
  • Residential College
  • Athletics
  • Band
  • Freshman Year Abroad
  • Biology Bootcamp
  • ROTC
  • Theater Arts

What do I have to do as a member?

You are expected to attend the Provost Scholars Seminar before the Fall semester of your first year at the University of Mississippi.  Every other event hosted by the Provost Scholars Program is optional and is presented for your enrichment.

Provost Scholars must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and continuous enrollment to remain in the program.  Cumulative GPA is assessed each year at the conclusion of the August intersession.

Does the Provost Scholars Program cost anything?

No, there is no cost to you to be part of the Provost Scholars Program.

Do Provost Scholars also get a scholarship?

No, there is no scholarship attached to membership in the Provost Scholars Program.  However, since Provost Scholars are academically talented, they may be eligible for other merit-based scholarship and financial aid opportunities.  You can get more information from the Office of Financial Aid.

What is the deadline to accept membership?

In order to receive all of the benefits of the Provost Scholars Program, you must accept your invitation by June 30 in the summer before your first semester.  You can still join the program up until the beginning of classes.   However, you may miss the opportunity to live in the Provost Scholars Living Group.

How does the Provost Scholars Program compare to the Honors College?

Both the Honors College and the Provost Scholars Program are designed for academically talented students.  They are, however, quite different experiences. 

Honors College students take specially-designed courses that can be more challenging and they are expected to complete a thesis in their senior year.  Honors College students who complete their thesis will graduate with honors.

The Provost Scholars Program is designed to be a package of benefits to help students succeed and not an academic program.  There is no requirement that Provost Scholars take particular classes or participate in any specific academic activities.  Provost Scholars will have their membership recognized on their extra-curricular transcripts, which are generated by the OrgSync system.

If you have further questions about which program is right for you, please visit the Honors College and contact them to learn more.

What if I joined the Honors College, but then later decide it’s not for me?  Can I still be a Provost Scholar?

Yes, if you decide to leave the Honors College, you may become a Provost Scholar if you meet two conditions:

  • You met the standards for the Provost Scholar Program when you came to the university
  • You currently have a 3.00 overall cumulative GPA

Can I apply to the Honors College as an incoming freshman and still accept my membership into the Provost Scholar Program?

Yes, you can submit an application to the Honors College as an incoming freshman and accept your membership into the Provost Scholars Program.  However, if you are ultimately accepted into the Honors College, you will have to choose which program would want to participate in.  If you choose the Honors College, we will deactivate your Provost Scholar status.

 How do I find out about Provost Scholars Program activities?

The best way to keep up-to-date about the Provost Scholars Program is to frequently check your university email account.  You can also ‘like’ the Ole Miss Provost Scholars Program on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  We also ask that all Provost Scholars join OrgSync, which is the University of Mississippi’s system for managing student groups and clubs.

 Can upperclassmen Provost Scholars move in to residence halls early?

No, all Provost Scholars, regardless of status, can move in according to the regular move-in schedule published by Student Housing. Students should review the move-in schedule posted on the housing website and determine their move-in dates/times. Students are eligible to move in at the earliest time that applies to them, whether it’s for a community or a facility.

Where did my invitation go?

There could be a few reasons why you don’t see your invitation in myOleMiss after you received the invitation email.  If you have followed the instructions for accepting your membership and are having difficulty, please email us at  We can help reset your invitation, if necessary.

 What if I’m eligible but starting in the Spring semester?

Contact the Provost Scholars Program at to receive an invitation.

 Why is my registration window not open on the first day of priority registration?

Registration windows are assigned individually to students based on a variety of factors.  There is a hierarchy of who gets to register first and only a certain number of windows can be opened at a time.  Provost Scholars have an earlier window than other students with the same class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc), but not necessarily the earliest possible window.


What is the Provost Scholars Seminar?

The seminar is an opportunity for the University to welcome you to campus and present some valuable information about succeeding in college.  Speakers focus on leadership development, academic success, and other campus opportunities.

When and where is it?

The seminar is held in the Ford Center for the Performing Arts, from about 9 am to 1 pm on the Friday before classes start. 

What if I can’t be there?

Attendance at the Seminar is required for all Provost Scholars.  However, if you have other commitments or priorities, please contact us at to discuss your options.

How should I dress for the seminar?

The dress for the seminar is nice casual.

Can my parents come?

No, the Provost Scholars Seminar is for students only.


What is the Provost Scholars Living Group?

The Provost Scholars Living Group is housed in Minor Hall. A specific number of beds are reserved for Provost Scholars. As a member of the Living Group, Provost Scholars will have the opportunity to get to know their fellow Scholars and enjoy additional activities and programming. Please visit for more specific information about this Living Group.

Am I required to live there, if I am a Provost Scholar?

No, you are not required to live in the Living Group. Any Provost Scholar can choose to live in a traditional residence hall, if they wish.

Provost Scholars who do not wish to participate in the Living Group may apply for other residential communities or choose to be members of general communities in traditional halls. Check the student housing website for deadlines and details about community applications.

Can I bring a roommate to the Living Group?

Yes, if your roommate is also a Provost Scholar. If your roommate is not a Provost Scholar, then you will have to choose to live somewhere other than the Provost Scholar Living Group.

How do I book a room in the Living Group?

You must first accept the invitation to be part of the Provost Scholars Program. If spaces are available in the Provost Scholars Living Group, those will be available to you during room selection in addition to spaces in traditional halls. Spaces in the Provost Scholars Living Group are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have specific questions about the selection process, please visit the Housing Office website.


What GPA do I need to keep?

To remain a Provost Scholar, you must maintain a cumulative, annual GPA of 3.00 or higher and maintain enrollment in the University.

When is the GPA checked each year?

We review the GPAs of all Provost Scholars once a year, at the end of the summer semester. 

If I lose my eligibility, can I get it back?

No, once you lose your place in the Provost Scholars Program, you will not be able to rejoin, even if you retake classes and replace poor grades.