Rebel Man Race Routes

Race Routes Signage

Volunteers, directional and kilometer signs will be on the race routes to assist you. Please view the race maps prior to the race. Race maps are located at the bottom of this page.


The RMST starts with a 400 meter swim on the Ole Miss campus in the Natatorium. After you exit the pool, you may change clothes in the locker rooms inside the Natatorium or proceed to the transition area.

440m Swim (FAQ)

  • The 440 meter (approximately 480 yards) swim is held in an indoor pool at the Ole Miss Natatorium. Athletes will be lined up according to his or her 440 meter swim time listed by each participant during registration.
  • On the day of the event, you (participant) will place yourself in the line that you are comfortable with based on your swim time.
  • Beginning with the fastest swimmers, each person will enter the pool, in order, in 10-15 second increments.
  • You will swim the length of the first lane, then duck under the lane rope, and swim the next lane in the opposite direction.
  • Although we recommend free style, you are allowed to do any stroke of your choice.


Please remember that your chip timer has not stopped, and you are now in your transition period. The bike is the second portion of the triathlon. All triathletes will be directed to exit out of the same bike out to complete the 21k (estimated 13.1 miles) bike portion. The bike portion is throughout the L-O-U community. When you return from the bike, volunteers will yell bike draft just before you reach the bike draft line. Please do not ride your bikes into the transition area.

Bike Transition-to-Run

The final portion of the triathlon is the 5k run on Ole Miss campus. Water stations will be on the run route. There will be water and endurance drink stations.

Run-to-Finish Line

After you cross the finish line, volunteers will be there to take off your chip timers and return them to our Chip personnel.

Bike Route Map and Powerpoint Presentation

21K Bike Map Download Here:

Run Route Maps and Powerpoint Presentation

5K Run Map Download Here: