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UM Summer Abroad Program

The Arabic Study Abroad Program is held both at the Malic Center in Amman, Jordan and at AALIM in Meknas, Morocco. The primary goal of these programs is to completely immerse its participants in the Arabic language and culture. Upon arriving at each language center, students takes a placement examination and then are placed into the appropriate level of instruction.

Each day is comprised of four hours of classroom instruction, followed by two to three hours of homework. Every student is housed in a suite that has a full kitchen, wireless internet access, a TV with around 300 Arabic channels, a common area for studying, and two single beds. These two program provide educational excursions to such places as Amman, Jerash,Um Qais, the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley, Petra and Aqaba—depending on student wishes.

Samples of Student Finals

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Teach Memphis Seeks Foreign Language Teachers

Teach Memphis is seeking foreign language teachers and we need your help. Did you know that a foreign language major (or 24 Math credits) or an adequate score on the OPI exam can qualify a person to teach that foreign language on a transitional license in the state of TN? We are hoping that you will forward the attached announcement to your students who would be interested in changing the world and becoming a foreign language teacher for Memphis City Schools. Our most immediate needs are Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.

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