National Center for Cannabis Research and Education


The National Center for Cannabis Research and Education fosters and conducts scientific research, data analysis, education and training on the health effects of cannabis. NCCRE researchers and leaders will aid in policymaking and outreach as state programs emerge.

About this Center

The center’s initiatives emphasize research, advising, and education in medical cannabis and cannabis-related drug development. In addition to working toward creating new drugs and formulations, the NCCRE will collect and analyze data while engaging in training and education with medical professionals, industry, and government officials.

Pursuant to a newly enacted law (Senate Bill 2888), which created the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Research Program at the NCCRE, some of our activities will include:

  • Working closely with the Mississippi Department of Health’s Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program and patient advocacy groups, the program hopes to elucidate new information for healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, law enforcement, and policymakers.
  • Key provisions of the bill include the establishment of the Medical Cannabis Research Advisory Board, which will oversee research efforts, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and guide the program's strategic direction.
  • Conducting comprehensive research into the safety, efficacy, and potential therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis for patients suffering from a range of medical conditions. Through rigorous scientific inquiry and evidence-based practices, the program aims to provide invaluable insights into the role of medical cannabis in modern healthcare.
  • Researchers at the School of Pharmacy will have the resources necessary to conduct scientific investigations and explore novel avenues for medical cannabis research and educational programs. UM’s National Center for Natural Products Research (NCNPR) and Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management (CPMM) will collaborate with NCCRE in medical cannabis research efforts now being planned.

Specific Areas of Focus

  • Review Literature (SOP faculty partial time effort)
  • Public information
  • Catalog of work
  • Disseminate information as the educational component of the program (Medical/Pharmacy CE, public website, in-person presentations, Advisory Board, etc.)
  • Advise other states
  • Advise researchers on best practices
  • Seek grants
  • Industry relations
  • Collaborate with other universities
  • UMMC Epilepsy Study Expansion (make extract)
  • Patient app data collection
  • CPMM process data
  • Advice for medical professionals
  • In-vitro studies years 1&2
  • Plan future clinical studies
  • Federal agency cooperative agreement
  • Advice for medical professionals

Everything You Need to know about Cannabis

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What is Cannabis?

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Information for Healthcare Providers and Patients

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Meet the Center

Robert Welch

Robert Welch

  • Director of the National Center for Cannabis Research and Education and Research Associate Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences