University of Mississippi, Department of Biology, BISC608, Limnology

Biology 608 -- Limnology -- Fall 2004

Dr. Stephen Threlkeld, Professor of Biology; 318 Shoemaker; 662-915-5803;; Office hours: TuTh 8-9 am, Th 11-12 am, or by appointment.

Catalog Description of Course Content The physical, chemical, geological, and biological aspects of lake and stream environments.

Required readings One copy of each assigned reading from the current literature will be provided for your use. A general limnology test such as 'Moss, Brian. 1998. Ecology of Fresh Waters: Man & medium, past to future. 3rd edition. Blackwell Scientific' or 'Wetzel, Robert G. 2001. Limnology: Lake and river ecosystems. 3rd edition. Academic Press' is also recommended for students with a weak or dated undergraduate background in aquatic sciences.

Course grading Grades will be based on discussion of assigned readings (30%), expertise in a limnological case study (15%), a research paper (20%), and a final examination (35%). Grades will be assigned on a straight scale: A, > 90%; B, 80-90%; C, 70-80%; D, 60-70%; F, < 60%.

Schedule of discussion topics (F, 8:00 - 10:50 am, 219 Shoemaker), except as noted.

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