Hotty Toddy TV

The Hotty Toddy TV network deploys messaging across more than 80 television displays across campus. Use the form below to submit a request.

The Hotty Toddy TV digital signage network is designed and managed to achieve the following:

  1. Facilitate emergency preparedness and response functions including, but not limited to, sharing campus health & safety information and sending alerts;
  2. Improve communication across campus;
  3. Promote university-wide activities, events and educational opportunities; and,
  4. Increase awareness of student-focused support and services.

Hotty Toddy TV Content Guidance

  1. Content for Hotty Toddy TV must be submitted to University Marketing and Communications by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and submitting it for review/approval at least three business days prior to the display start date.
  2. Content must comply with UM policies/procedures, local, state, and federal laws/regulations. Relevant policies include:
    1. UM Digital Signage Policy
    2. Media Relations & Communications Policy
    3. No Solicitations Allowed on UM Campus
    4. IT Appropriate Use
  3. Content must be time-sensitive and relevant to the UM community.
  4. Information will be displayed in approved design templates and closed captioned, as needed.
    1. UM&C will insert content submitted for display into design templates. Submitters are not responsible for design elements of the message.
  5. Messages will be broadcast for a defined period up to two weeks for a specific event. Open-ended/continuous announcements will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  6. UM&C reserves the right to refuse approval of submitted content that does not meet the purpose of the network.
  7. UM&C reserves the right to refuse approval of submitted content that is not compatible with the university’s brand standards.
  8. UM&C reserves the right to decide whether content will be distributed campus-wide or in select buildings, based on the nature of the event.
  9. UM&C reserves the right to modify or edit all messaging.

Guidance for Effective Use

Readability is the priority for digital signage. Although displays are as large as posters, too much content or a poorly designed posting cannot be easily read. To keep messages readable, please consider the following when submitting information:

  1. Keep messages uncluttered – present only the most important information
  2. Keep text to a minimum, defined by the character limits provided on the online request form. Make your heading short and action-oriented.
  3. Keep in mind that each slide displays on the screen only for a few seconds
  4. When submitting images, please share only high-resolution images. All monitors are 4K displays and low-resolution images (less than 4,000 pixels) will not render appropriately.

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