Aeroacoustics Research Facilities:

Tri-Sonic Wind Tunnel Facility

The NCPA Tri-Sonic Wind Tunnel (NCPA-TSWT) facility was first operated in 2006 and has completed approximately 1000 runs to date.  The facility can support test section Mach numbers from 0.3 to 5.0.  The 12-inch test section has significant optical access to support a variety of non-intrusive measurement methods.

Anechoic Jet Laboratory

The NCPA Anechoic Jet Laboratory (NCPA-AJL) was purposely built to study the effects of temperature on supersonic jet noise and methods for its suppression.  Room aspiration maintains constant environment temperatures even during continuous operation of nominally 2-inch, Mach 2.0 jets at up to 1500 deg. F.

Tri-Sonic Wind Tunnel Facility (Mach 0.3-5.0)

Anechoic Jet Laboratory