Composite Materials Research Group

Personnel and Research Areas

CMRG personnel are currently involved in research areas include thermal modeling, experimental characterization, process optimization, and natural materials processing. Under the direction of faculty advisors, graduate and undergraduate students participate in hands-on composite research. Recent projects include photoinitiated resin curing for filament winding and pultrusion, computer modeling and experimental evaluation of pressure, temperature, and degree of cure within a pultrusion die, optimization of pultrusion die geometry, evaluation and optimization of fiber/resin wet-out techniques, evaluation of environmental effects (temperature, humidity) on pultruded composites, testing and evaluation of structural composites, examination of fatigue properties of pultruded composites, process development for new resins, and pultrusion development for natural fiber reinforcements. Faculty personnel currently involved in pultrusion research projects can be contacted using the links below.

Dr. James G. Vaughan - process characterization, environmental effects

Dr. Ellen Lackey, CCT-I - process characterization, natural fiber reinforcement

Dr. Jeff Roux - process modeling

Dr. John O'Haver - surface science

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Numerous graduate and undergraduate students are involved in the research conducted by the CMRG. Email addresses of some of these students are provided below.

Student E-mail Addresses

Kapil Inamdar Brittany Hancock
Reid Averill Jarrad Zaiser
Bruce Toman

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