Composite Materials Research Group
The University of Mississippi

Since its inception in 1987, the Composite Materials Research Group at the University of Mississippi has been actively involved in composite materials research and has developed a nationally recognized program in pultrusion research. Recent research grant supporters include the National Science Foundation, the United States Air Force, Martin Marietta, NASA, USDA, the Electric Power Research Institute, and numerous companies in the composites industry. Recent research activities have appeared in journals such as Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites and Journal of Composite Materials and have been presented at International SAMPE Symposia and the American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA - formerly CFA) annual convention. Faculty members and graduate students are involved in research areas such as micromechanics modeling, dynamic characterization, thermal modeling, and experimental characterization. The Group's commercial pultrusion machine provides the unique opportunity for researchers at the University of Mississippi to be involved in both theoretical and experimental pultrusion process development and to perform tests on pultruded product produced under carefully controlled processing conditions. Complementing its commercial-scale pultrusion capabilities, the Group also has numerous mechanical and physical property test facilities available for use in characterization of pultruded composites.

Please email Dr. James Vaughan, the director of the CMRG, for more information or contact him at the following address

Dr. James G. Vaughan
Composite Materials Research Group
The Universtiy of Mississippi
201 Carrier Hall
University, MS 38677
phone:  (662) 915-5378
fax:  (662) 915-7219

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