Composite Materials Research Group
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The Composite Materials Research Group (CMRG) at the University of Mississippi emphasizes an interdisciplinary research approach. Current research areas include thermal modeling, experimental characterization, process optimization, and natural materials processing. Recent projects include photoinitiated resin curing for filament winding and pultrusion, computer modeling and experimental evaluation of pressure, temperature, and degree of cure within a pultrusion die, optimization of pultrusion die geometry, evaluation and optimization of fiber/resin wet-out techniques, evaluation of environmental effects (temperature, humidity) on pultruded composites, testing and evaluation of structural composites, examination of fatigue properties of pultruded composites, process development for new resins, and pultrusion development for natural fiber reinforcements. Research programs sponsored by both government and industry are currently underway. Further information concerning research topics, research sponsorhip, and a list of recent University of Mississippi publications with abstracts are available below.

Polyurethane Pultrusion Process Development - Research conducted in conjunction with Bayer Material Science researchers

Natural Fiber Reinforcement Process Development - sponsored by USDA

Novolac Phenolic Pultrusion Process Development - Research conducted in conjunction with Dow/Angus researchers

Industry Reseach Sponsorship Programs

CMRG Publications and Abstracts

The background image is from an SEM micrograph of the cross-section of a pultruded fiberglass/epoxy composite.

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