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A Faulkner 100: The Centennial Exhibition
The University of Mississippi Department of Archives and Special Collections


Watercolor of Faulkner's Birthplace Original Watercolor by Katherine Dye of William Faulker's Birthhouse as It Once Stood at the Intersection of Cleveland and Jefferson Streets in New Albany, Mississippi.






Less than a year after his 1897 birth in New Albany, William Faulkner moved with his family to Ripley, Mississippi, where he lived until his family moved again. This time to Oxford in 1902. Faulkner's birthhouse is no longer standing.

Telephone Directory Cover Oxford, Mississippi Telephone Directory: Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. 1929.

The Directory for 1929 is the first which includes a telephone number -546- for William Falkner (the letter "u" is omitted). As Oxford's population was slightly less than three thousand at the end of the 1920s, the entire directory is only five pages long.

 Telephone Directory Listings



Wendemarke Jacket Wendemarke. Translated by Georg Goyent. Berlin: Rowohlt, [1936]. First German Edition, First printing. With dust jacket.

Wendemarke.(German for "pylon") was published three years after Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany. The expressionist jacket design for Wendemarke is as stunning as it is unsettling.

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 Faulkner PhotoPhotograph of William Faulkner in The 1936 Ole Miss, Published by the Students of the University of Mississippi, University, Mississippi, 1936.

Faulkner is photographed in a group shot, "The welcoming committee greets Al Key," in the "With the Cameraman" section of the student annual. Al Key, who with his brother Fred, had set a flight endurance record in 1935 had flown into the Oxford airport on his airplane, "Ole Miss." Faulkner, holding a cigarette and standing apart from the group, is not taking his duties as greeter too seriously. A similar photograph of Faulkner, taken on the same occasion is also published in the 1936 student annual. The caption under that photograph reads "William Faulkner, novelist and aviator."

 'Intruder in the Dust' - Program

"Program World Premiere William Faulkner's 'Intruder in the Dust' Produced and Directed by Clarence Brown/ A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture/ Lyric Theatre Oxford, Mississippi/ Tuesday, October 11, 1949/ 8:00 O'Clock." Illustrated Wrappers.