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Descriptive Summary
Baxter, Lionel
Lionel Baxter Collection.
Inclusive Dates:
Materials in:
Collection consists of letters, documents, autographs, engravings, maps, facsimiles, broadsides, framed items, books, and ephemera related predominantly, but not exclusively, to the Civil War.
9 boxes.
A-6 (6 boxes) & G-13 (3 oversized boxes).
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
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Lionel Baxter Collection (MUM00027). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Biographical Note
Lionel F. Baxter was a broadcasting media executive for years and a director of the Storer Communications Company.
see also: A Baxter family from South Carolina: Scotch Irish pioneers from Ulster / by Lionel Francis Baxter and John William Baxter.

Scope and Contents Note
The Baxter Collection was developed by Lionel Baxter from his lifelong interest in American history, particularly the Civil War.
Collection contains wartime and postwar correspondence from various Confederate officers and soldiers on a wide variety of subjects. Letters include those from William J. Hardee, Leonidas Polk, John C. Pemberton, William S. Rosecrans, and Nathan B. Forrest. Also includes engravings, muster rolls, maps, and an extensive collection of books. Also includes war microfilmed war records of the 20th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. Finally, contains materials related to the life of Hermann Baxter. (8 Boxes, Microfilm reels, and 1 Footlocker)

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Container List

Box 1 -- Letters, Documents, Autographs, Engravings, Newsclips, etc. (predominately, but not exclusively, Civil War related)

Folder 1 (pre-Civil War letters):

W. E. Jones & W. W. Loring, C.S.A. Generals, DS,
April 15 1851, Oregon Territory
Robert F. Crenshaw, ALS, December 13, 1860, Pontotoc
Mississippi, to his cousin in Elkton, Tenn.
Albert Sydney Johnston, C.S.A. General, ADS, June 24,
1839, as Secretary of War, Texas Republic

Folder 2 (William T. Sherman, Jefferson Davis):

William T. Sherman, duplicate copy of field order #42,
Siege of Atlanta, July 25, 1864
Jefferson Davis, photocopies of ALS and typescript of
same, January 1, 1878, to A. D. Mann
Jefferson Davis, signed photograph card, photo taken
"in old age"

Folder 3 (Nathan Bedford Forrest, William Howard):

Nathan B. Forrest, C.S.A. General, letter in his hand but not signed, August 22 1869, Marion Alabama, to Gen. Rucker
Nathan B. Forrest, LS, February 10 1873, Memphis, Tennessee, to Gen. Rucker
[Nathan B. Forrest] clipped signature
William Howard, Maj. C.S.A., Forrest's Quartermaster,
ALS, October 6 1862, to his father, praising Gen.
William Howard, ADS, December 22 1862, Parole of Honor

Folder 4 (Marion Francis Baxter):

Photocopies of photographs (1870 and 1925) and book
inscription dated September 1 1882

Folder 5 (Docs., Letters, from C.S.A. Officers & Soldiers):

William Edwin Baldwin, General, ALS, October 14 1863,
Enterprise Mississippi, to "Oscar"
James B. Blackwell, ALS and handmade envelope, October
5 1864, [Winsborough] Virginia, to his sister
Mrs. A. G. Duncan, New Albany Mississippi
William Joseph Hardee, General, ANS, no date, to "General"; an engraving of Hardee also included
Manfield Lovell, General, ALS, October 22 1862, Holly
Springs Mississippi, to his son Josie
J. C. Pemberton, Lt. Gen., LS, March 30 1863, Jackson
Mississippi, to Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks, U.S.A.
Leonidas Polk, General, ALS, May 7 1863, Headquarters
Polks Corps, to "Elliott"
J. V. Ramsey, Col., August 28 1861, Montery Virignia,
to Brig. Gen. Henry R. Jackson in Greenbriar VA
Carter L. Stevenson, Maj. Gen., ANS (on the back of the
above letter from Ramsey to Jackson), Valley
Mountain West Virginia, to Gen. H. R. Jackson
Carter L. Stevenson, ALS, September 5 1861, Valley
Mountain West Virginia, to Gen. H. R. Jackson,
Montery Line Virginia
Daniel Ruggles, Brig. Gen., DS, January 9 1863, Exchange
and Paroled Prisoners

Folder 6 (Letters, Post-Civil War, C.S.A. Officers):

William H. Forney, General, ALS, March 23 1884, from
U.S. House of Representatives, to Lyle Thoburn
Alexander P. Stewart, General, ALS, February 16 1886,
Univ. of Mississippi, Oxford, to E. C. Brown
Alexander P. Stewart, ALS, August 18 1891, War Dept.,
Washington D.C., to Gen. Marcus J. Wright
John Tyler Morgan, General, ALS, February 9 1877,
Selma Alabama, to President Grant

Folder 7 (Documents, Letters, Union Officers, Civil War
and Post-Civil War):

Nathaniel P. Banks, Maj. Gen., ALS, September 4 1861,
Camp at Damstown, to Dr. Baxter
William S. Rosecrans, General, ALS, October 29 1872,
Mexico, to Miss Rosa Kingsley
E. O. C. Ord, General, ALS, December 31 1867, Holly
Springs Mississippi, to Editor of N.Y. Times
ALSO: telegrams to Ord from U. S. Grant and
Andrew Johnson

Folder 8 (Signatures, Union and C.S.A. Officers):

Gen. John Adams (plus a photocard of him)
Maj. George Blake Cosby
General Robert Lowry
Gen. Peter Joseph Osterhaus
Gen. Jones Mitchell Withers
Maj. Gen. David E. Twiggs (ANS)

Folder 9 (Miscellaneous Autographs):

George W. Childs
William H. Crane
John Cochrane
George William Curtis
Charles A. Dana
James. J. Davis
Richard Coker
A California "49-er"
Owen Davis

Folder 10 (Envelopes, Civil War):

Winfield Scott Featherston, General C.S.A., May 27 1864,
Dalton Georgia, to Chaplain Rev. Thomas R. Markham
David Dixon Porter, Commander U.S.N., a Patriotic
Northern Patriotic Envelope used by a soldier in Co. E,
20th Mississippi Mounted Infantry
Homemade Envelope from Co. F, 20th Regiment Mississippi
Volunteers, Adams Brigade, Touring Division,
Garlandsville Mississippi
Georgia Battalion, Dalton Georgia
Edward Door Tracy, Brig. Gen. C.S.A., from Tullahoma
Tennessee, to Mrs. E. D. Tracy in Macon Georgia
Postmaster Provisional, Sumter South Carolina,
February 4 1861

Folder 11 (Engravings, predominately, but not exclusively,
Civil War Generals):

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
Braxton Bragg
Patrick Ronayne Cleburne
Robert Edward Lee
John Buchanan Floyd
William Starke Rosecrans
Joseph E. Johnston
John Hunt Morgan
Nathaniel Greene
Rufus King
John Bell Hood
D. C. Broderick
Rev. James W. Alexander
Alexander H. Stephens
Group Portrait of Confederate Generals Bragg, Longstreet,
Johnston, Hood, Smith

Folder 12 (C.S.A. Government):

Richmond Virginia, General Orders #1, January 6 1865

Folder 13 (Father Abram J. Ryan):

Civil War Poet-Priest from Mobile Alabama, photograph
of statue and newsclipping

Folder 14 (John Sharp Williams):

United States Representative, TLS, September 24 1908,
Yazoo City Mississippi, to Hon. Robert Baker

Folder 15 (Edward VIII):

Newsclippings re. abdication

Folder 16 (FDR Speech):

Newsclipping, Franklin Roosevelt's December 8 1941
Speech to Congress

Box 2 -- Correspondence, Misc., Lionel Baxter

Folder l:

Letters to Lionel Baxter from various politicians,
including a TNS from Richard Nixon, and letters
from Carl Albert, Silvio Conte, Bob Dole,
Sam Ervin, Barry Goldwater, Jacob Javits, Jack
Kemp, Edward Kennedy, Claude Pepper, William
Proxmire, John Stennis, John Tower, George
Wallace, William Winter and many others
The letters are alphabetized
Most dating from the early 1970's

Folder 2:

Carbon copies of letters sent by Lionel Baxter, Vice
President of Washington Affairs for Storer
Broadcasting Company, to various members of congress re. legislation affecting the broadcast industry
Not alphabetized or organized by date, early 1970's
Replies from some politicians included Copies of House and Senate bills included

Folder 3:

Carbon copies of letters sent by Lionel Baxter to
various members of congress re. food stamps,
the United Nations, foreign policy, surtaxes,
U. S. Navy capabilities, P.O.W. legislation,
school desegregation, Abraham Lincoln and
"Save the Bay"
Misc. materials pertaining to same Not alphabetized or organized by date, 1970's and
early 1980's
Replies from some politicians included

Folder 4:

Photocopies of letters from various politicians to
Lionel Baxter
Not alphabetized or organized by date, 1960's, 1970's

Folder 5:

Letters from and to Lionel Baxter re. political
Not alphabetized or organized by date, 1970's

Folder 6:

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Folder 7:

"This Week at the Whitehouse" -- Fay Wells' weekly reports to Storer Broadcasting, 1969-1974

Folder 8:

Letter from Gov. LeRoy Collins (Florida) to Harry

Folder 9:

Logtown, Mississippi -- photograph and reprint of Life
Magazine article, September 25 1964

Folder 10:

Newsclips, reprints, pertaining to Lionel Baxter

Folder 11:

Miscellaneous -- Programs, postcards, etc.

Box 3 -- Bureau of Printing & Engraving Series
Chief Justices
Government Buildings


1. George Washington
2. John Adams
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. James Madison
5. James Monroe
6. John Q. Adams
7. Andrew Jackson (two engravings)
8. Martin Van Buren
9. William Harrison
10. John Tyler
11. James Polk
12. Zachary Taylor
13. Millard Fillmore
14. Franklin Pierce
15. James Buchanan
16. Abraham Lincoln
17. Andrew Johnson
18. Ulysses Grant
19. Rutherford Hayes
20. James Garfield
21. Chester Arthur
22. Grover Cleveland
23. Benjamin Harrison
24. William McKinley
25. Theodore Roosevelt
26. William Taft
27. Woodrow Wilson
28. Warren Harding
29. Calvin Coolidge
30. Herbert Hoover
31. Franklin Roosevelt
32. Harry Truman
33. Dwight Eisenhower
34. John Kennedy
35. Lyndon Johnson
36. Richard Nixon
37. Gerald Ford
38. Jimmy Carter
39. Ronald Reagon

40. John Jay
41. John Rutledge
42. Oliver Ellsworth
43. John Marshall
44. Roger Taney
45. S. P. Chase
46. Morrison Waite
47. Melville Fuller
48. Edward White
49. William Taft
50. Charles Hughes
51. Harlan Stone
52. Fred Vinson
53. Earl Warren

54. U. S. Supreme Court (two engravings, one signed
by Warren Burger)
55. U. S. Capitol (four engravings, two signed by
by Carl Albert)
56. U. S. Treasury (three engravings, two signed)
57. The White House (seven engravings, two signed
by Richard Nixon)
58. Lincoln Memorial
59. Washington Post Office
60. Bureau of Engraving & Printing
61. Mystery Home (Washington's birthplace?)
62. Mt. Vernon
63. Monticello
64. Great Seal of the U. S. (two engravings)

Box 4 -- Engravings and Documents, Oversized


George Washington (two, one in color)
Thomas Jefferson
N. H. Bidwell
"Boudoir Beauties"
Sir Henry Havelock
E.O.C. Ord (newsclipping glued to back)
Earl Van Dorn
Jefferson Davis
Simon Olivar Buckner
Stephen Dill Lee
Carter Littlepage Stevenson
Alexander Peter Stewart
Joseph E. Johnston


Jefferson Davis, DS, February 17 1855, while Secretary
of War under Franklin Pierce
John B. Floyd, DS, June 6 1851, as Governor of
Virginia, a grant of acreage to George Arnold
Andrew Johnson, DS, April 25 1868, presidential pardon
of John Fleming, convicted of robbery and
sentenced to seven years imprisonment
Also signed by Sec. of State William Seward


Photocopied Muster Rolls
Viking I panoramic photograph, 1977
Republican National Convention, 1972

Box 5 -- Maps, Newspapers, Facsimiles & Broadsides, Oversize


Montgomery Daily Mail, April 17 1865, photocopy
Mississippi Gulf Coast Sun Daily Herald, April 4 1982
(two copies)
Mississippian, July 31 1947
Hamilton, Bermuda Mid-Ocean News, July 6 1944
Birmingham News, September 3 1939


St. Louis Bay and Sheildsboro Harbor, Mississippi, 1857, photocopy
American Heritage Reproductions:
New World, 1600
First American Map of U.S., 1784
New Netherlands & New England, 1635
New World, 1500
The Known Glove, 1667
New France, 1745
Mississippi Topographical (two parts, towns associated
with Marion F. Baxter's service with Company E,
20th Mississippi Infantry, 1860-65)(photocopies)
Mississippi Historical, Chronological and Geographical,
Atlas 29, Union & Confederate Armies, 1894
Atlas 28, Same
Atlas 23, Same
Champion Hill/Vicksburg/etc.
Fort Donelson, 1875 (two versions)
Sherman's Operations, Atlanta, 1864


Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence (2)
Monroe Doctrine (2)
Gettysburg Address (2)
Emancipation Proclamation (2)


Dunlap's Pennsylvania Packet, Tuesday April 22 1977
"Valor," Edward Almond, Lt. Gen. USA, June 1 1967,
Virginia Military Institute
"The Last Confederate," Henry C. Howell III
"I think continually of those who were truly great...,"
Stephen Spender
"Jefferson Davis, An American Patriot," broadside
presented by Sen. James O. Eastland in the
U. S. Senate, June 9 1971
Abraham Lincoln, excerpt from first inaugural address,
6 copies

Box 6 -- Maps (this is actually a folder of encapsulated maps too large to fit into the Hollinger Box #5)

Atlas of the Union & Confederate Armies, 1894
Bay of Mobile
United States (two versions)

Box 7 -- Herman Baxter, Scrapbook and United States Flag

Framed Items

Independence Hall, Philadelphia -- limited edition
print on silk, signed by the artist (artist's
name not legible)
Robert E. Lee -- lithograph, reproduction of Cornelius
Hawkins' oil portrait, presented to Lionel
Baxter by Henry Rau of Alexandria, Virginia
Gen. J. E. Stuart -- lithograph of plumed hat, gauntlets,
Le Mat revolver and headquarters of Stuart, from
a photograph by Ron Jennings in the collection of
Mississippians in the Confederacy, Richmond, Va.
The Great Locomotive Chase, etching by Kathleen Cantin,
Franklin Mint
General Robert E. Lee, framed print
Colonel Isaac Hane Being Led to His Execution by Carrol
N. Jones, Jr., bicentennial print, Franklin Mint
Declaration of Independence, print, engraved by W. L.
Ormsby, after Durand
Ronald Reagon "honors the memory of German M. Baxter"
F.D.R. "In grateful memory of Herman M. Baxter"
William Penn, lithograph of ALS by Penn; framed and
matted, with metal tag "Presented to Lionel F.
Frances Marion 'Swamp Fox', lithograph with document,
gold frame, clipped signature affixed
General P. G. T. Beauregard ALS, 1838, plus Matthew P. Brady photograph and contemporary engraving
Robert E. Lee, report card signed as President of
Washington College, [1867]


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Oversize, spiral bound souvenier book of Richard Nixon's trip to the Middle East

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America, Frederick Virkus, ed., 1925

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Journals and Periodicals
Confederate Philatelist, 33 vols., July 1970 - Feb. 1976
Confederate Veteran, 8 vols., Mar. 1985 - Feb. 1986
Civil War Times, 155 vols., Oct. 1960 - July 1978
Horizon, 12 vols., 1964, 1968, 1969
Look, 2 vols., Dec. 3 1963 and Sept. 7 1964
Life, Oct. 2 1964
Muster Roll of the C.S.A., 3 vols., Jan. 1972 and Jan. 1974
Philco Radio Atlans, 2 vols., 1936
Rebel Yell, 112 vols., 1975 - 1986
Seven Stars Sentinel, 10 vols., March 1985 - Feb. 1986

Additional Items.

Hollinger box (one) -- various miscellaneous programs, brochures, pamphlets, souveniers of historic homes, etc.;
these items are not listed individually in this inventory

Foot Locker -- Hermann M. Baxter, 1st Lt., Infantry, 0-514472
Please note that the U. S. flag and Hermann Baxter scrapbook
which were in the foot locker were moved to the archives
(see page 12, Box 7 of this inventory)

Microfilm -- 20th Mississippi Infantry Regiment C.S.A.
Records from Archives in Washington, one box containing six