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Finding-Aid for the Young/John Pilkington Collection (MUM00503)

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Descriptive Summary
Pilkington, John
Young/John Pilkington Collection.
Inclusive Dates:
Materials in:
This large and unprocessed collection includes a compilation of materials accrued by Pilkington preparatory to his publications Stark Young and Stark Young, A Life in the Arts, Letters 1900-1912 .
113 boxes.
G-11 (1 oversized box) & BB11 (1 box) & BB16 - BB19 (112 boxes).
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
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Young/John Pilkington Collection (MUM00503). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
This large and unprocessed collection includes a compilation of materials accrued by Pilkington preparatory to his publications Stark Young and Stark Young, A Life in the Arts, Letters 1900-1912 .

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Container List
Pilkington - Stark Young
Box 1 (49 files)

Copies of Wales Bowman correspondence
Bowman, Wales Correspondance - extra copies
Brandon Matthews & Columbia Univ. Faculty
Byrnes-Adams material
Calhoun and Rogers material relating to Stark Young
Clayton Hamilton
Collins Carvel correspondence
Columbia Catalogs
Columbia University - SY's Transcript
Corrections, Cross References, Miscellaneous
Correspondence Misc. - Folder 3
Gholson - Glasgow - White -Backus Material
Harvard Theater Collection
Howorth - SY at Columbia
SY in Italy
SY - H.M. Jones controversy
J.P.'s Article on Stark Young for the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
J.P. - Recent Correspondence
Transcript - "The Lewis Richards"
Letters of inquiry to be written
Letters awaiting reply
Letters requiring no reply #1
Letters requiring no reply #2
Letters requiring no reply #3
Letters to SY Publications
Lists, Letters, Sel. Pub.
Lists of Stark Young Letters
Louis Rubin correspondence
Lunt's Tour
McGehee Material
Menetre Ltrs -- Stark Young
SY - Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Correspondence about Stark Young
Natchez - Buckles, Davis, Hardy
Nelson Correspondence
Nelson file - 2 copies
Nelson Material - extra copies
SY- O'Neill Material
Permissions, Quotations
Rejected Letters
Responses to Stark Young Booth
SY - Reviews of J.P.'s Volumes (Box)
Sanders - Stark Young
Sarah and Frances Starks
SY Thesis at Columbia
SY - Problems

Box 2 (105 files)

SY - Miss Mercedes de Acosta
SY - Mrs. Huntington Adams
SY - Miss Hortense Alden
SY - Robert Anderson
SY - Sherwood Anderson (Newberry)
SY - Mrs. C.Y. Andrews
SY - John Arthos
SY - Lowry Axley (Georgia Historical)
SY - Mrs. Carolyn Murphree Backstrom
SY - George Pierce Baker (Harvard & Yale)
SY - Eleanor R. Barstow
SY - Mrs. Richard Reynolds Beasley
SY - Norman Bel Geddes
SY - Eleanor R. Belmont (Columbia)
SY - Mrs. H.H. Bemis
SY - Newton P. Bevin
SY - Miss Vasser Bishop
SY - Alexander L. Bondurant (UsM)
SY - Samuel A. Bowman
SY - Bowman Correspondence
SY - Mrs. Norma Brickell
Broadside - Sarah Chokla Gross
SY - Miss Pauline Breustedt
SY - Mrs. Calvin S. Brown
SY - John Mason Brown
SY - Maurice Brown (Michigan)
SY - Sydney Brown
SY - Mrs. Muriel Atkins Bruyere
SY - Mrs. E.G. Burland
SY - W. Alton Bryant
SY - Mrs. Ferriday Byrnes
SY - Huntington Cairns
SY - Henry. S. Canby
SY - Truman Capote
SY - Carl Carmer
SY - John Alden Carpenter (LC)
SY - Jay Carmody
SY - Miss Myra Champion
SY - Robert Chapman
SY - Douglas Chandor
SY - Mrs. Edna J. Chappell
SY - Alexander Clark (Princeton)
SY - Harold Clurman
SY - Dorothy Coit
SY - Katherine Cornell (Lincoln Cen)
SY - Malcolm Cowley
SY - Allyn Cox
SY - Marjorie Craig
SY - Thomas M. Cranfill (UT)
SY - Herbert Croly
SY - Mrs. John Culley
SY - Elizabeth C. Cutting (Vassar)
SY - Mrs. R. William Dale
SY - Miss Mary B. Deaton
SY - Norman Dello Joio
SY - Ernest de Weerth
SY - Charles E. Diehl (Southwestern)
SY - Mrs. Howard Dietz
SY - Mrs. Douglas D. Diamond
SY - Louis Dollarhide
SY - Vincent Donehue
SY - Robert Downing
SY - Mrs. George Drew
SY - Edwin Duerr
SY - Charles Edward Eaton
SY - Dr. Francis Asbury Echlin
SY - Miss Helen C. Ellwanger
SY - Angna Enters
SY - John Erskine (Columbia)
SY - Edith Evans
SY - Walker Evans
SY - Richard G. Fallon
SY - Morgan Farley
SY - Francis Fergusson
SY - Fitzgerald, Hall, Lyndon
SY - Miss Eleanor Fitzgibbon (Duke)
SY - Mrs. John Gould Fletcher
SY - Paul Flowers
SY - Joan Fontaine
SY - Chrales Henri Ford (Temporary)
SY - Horton Foote
SY - Colin Leslie Fox
SY - Waldo Frank (Univ. of Penn)
SY - George Freedly
SY - Anne Fremantle
SY - Mrs. Barry O. Freeman
SY - Mrs. Lovett Frescoln
SY - Barr Fugate
SY - Mrs. Kenneth S. Gapp
SY - Hamlin Garland (USC Library)
SY - John Gassner
SY - Mrs. Charles M. Getchell
SY - Sir John Gielgud
SY - Miss Rosamond Gilder
SY - Eda Giller
SY - Ellen Glasgow Letters
SY - David Goforth
SY - Assia de Goguel
SY - Pauline and Mary Goldmann
SY - Mordecai Gorelik
SY - Lady Mildred Gosford
SY - Sir Edmund Gosse
SY - Miss Martha Graham
SY - Paul Green

Box 3 (85 files)

SY - B.H. Haggin
SY - William G. Hall, Jr.
SY - Miss Marian Hall
SY - Clayton Hamilton Papers NYPL
SY - William B. Hamilton (Duke)
SY - Hammond Museum (and Taylor)
SY - Charles Harbour
SY - Miss Eleanor Harkins-Kethley
SY - Gilbert A. Harrison
SY - John Sykes Hartin
SY - Mrs. Sunshine Irby Hart (Mrs. R. J. Hart)
SY - Richard Hayes
SY - Mrs. A.W. Hendrickson
SY - Mrs. Willis Henton
SY - Katherine Hepburn
SY - Eldon J. Hoar
SY - Burnett M. Hobgood
SY - T.J. Honeyman
SY - Mrs. Frances Hudspeth
SY - Arthur Palmer Huson
SY - Miss Elizabeth Huling
SY - Miss Althea Hunt (Wm and Mary)
SV - Sir Julian Huxley
SY - Mrs. Charles E. Hyman (Columbia)
SY - Mrs. H. Alwyn Inness-Brown
SY - Mrs. Umberto Innocenti
SY - Robert Jennings
SY - Edward Alden Jewell (NY Public)
SY - Charles D. Johnson
SY - Mrs. Harper Johnson
SY - Robert Underwood Johnson
SY - Miss Mary Johnston (U of Va.)
SY - Doris Keane Material - Gould
SY - Walter Kerr (Wisconsin)
SY - Francis T. King
SY - Lincoln Kirstein
SY - Mrs. Sam D. Knowlton
SY - Paul Kozelka
SY - Lucy Kroll
SY - Louis Kronenberger
SY - Lomax Lamb - Correspondence
SY - Ann Laster Correspondence
SY - Will Lewis
SY - Dr. Marjories Lewisohn
SY - Paul Lindholm
SY - Walter Lippmann
SY - Mrs. S. H. Lockwood
SY - Joshua Logan
SY - Robert Liddell Lowe
SY - Laurence T. Lowrey
SY - Alfred Lunt
SY - Frank H. Lyell
SY - Andrew Lytle
SY - Mary Margaret McBride
SY - Mrs. Jane L. McCaffery
SY - Pete Kyle McCarter
SY - Mrs. Robert K. McClain
SY - Gutherie McClintic - Lin. Cent.
SY - Mrs. Edgar D. McGehee Sr. N.O.
SY - William T. McGehee
SY - Mrs. Robert T. McLaurin (Meek)
SY - Miss Gertrude Macy
SY - Mrs. William P. Marseilles, Jr.
SY - Miss Eleanor Martin
SY - Mrs. Maxwell Perkins
SY - Miss Elinor H. Means
SY - Miss Elma C. Meek
SY - Alexander Meiklejohn
SY - Marie M. Meloney (Columbia)
SY - H.L. Mencken (NY Public)
SY - Mrs. Arthur Mezzullo
SY - Edwin Mims (Vanderbilt)
SY - Miss Margaret Mitchell
SY - Mrs. Dan Moody
SY - Anne Moore
SY - Montrose J. Moses (Duke)
SY - Mrs. Robert D. Murdock
SY - Marguerite Namara
SY - John Hawkins Napier III
SY - George Jean Nathan
SY - National Institute Arts & Letters
SY - A.E. Nelson
SY - New York Public Library Items
SY - Mrs. Irby C. Nichols
SY - Gertrude Newell

Box 4 (79 files)

SY - Richard O'Connell
SY - Clifford Odets
SY - Donald Oenslager
SY - George D. Olds
SY - Miss Nance O'Neill - Linc. Cen.
SY - Mrs. Frank L. Owsley
SY - L. W. Payne (Univ. of Texas)
SY - Josephine Preston Peabody
SY - John C. Pemberton
SY - Ralph Pendleton
SY - Mrs. Julia (Mood) Peterkin
SY - Mrs. H.A. Phillips (Sledge)
SY - Giuseppe Prezzolini
SY - Mrs. Gene C. Puryear
SY - Mrs. Phelps Putnam
Phelps Putnam
SY - Harry Ransom
SY - Burton Rascoe (Univ. of Penn.)
SY - Miss Mary C. Rice
SY - Daniel Cotton Rich (Ut)
SY - Eleanor Richmond
SY - Bertha Roark Correspondence
SY - Thomas N. Roberts
SY - J.B. Robertson
SY - Miss Margaret Robertson
SY - David M. Robinson
SY - Edward G. Robinson
SY - Frank Rowsey (Emory Library)
SY - Mrs. John Rusher (Spencer)
Sachs, Arthur
SY - Lyle Saxon
SY - Leah Salisbury
SY - Charles Scribner
SY - Elizabeth Shelpley Sergeant
SY - Miss Anne Sharkey
SY - Upton Sinclair (Indiana)
SY - Zachary Scott (Ruth Ford)
SY - Harrison Smith
SY - Ralph W. Sockman
SY - Miss Ella Somerville
SY - Maurice Sterne (Yale)
SY - Michael Straight
SY - Julian Street
SY - Hudson Strode
SY - Allan Tate
SY - Mrs. Caroline Gordon Tate
SY - Bedford Thurman & Betty
SY - Todd Papers - Yale University
SY - Charles H. Toll
SY - Charles H. Towne
SY - Mrs. William Vanamee
SY - Miss Edith Van Cleve
SY - Mrs. Irita Van Doren
SY - John Van Druten
SY - Carl Van Vechten
SY - Oswald Garrison Villard
SY - Lillian Wald (NY Public)
SY - Henry A. Wallace
SY - John D. Ware
SY - Robert Penn Warren
SY - Miss Jane Wasey
SY - Henry W. Wells
SY - Glenway Wescott
SY - John Hall Wheelock
SY - Mrs. E.B. White
SY - Thornton Wilder
SY - Mrs. Wiley (U. of Va.)
SY - Chancellor J.D. Williams
SY - Tennessee Williams
SY - Edmund Wilson
SY - James Southall Wilson (U. of Va.)
SY - Thomas Wolfe (Harvard)
SY - Alexander Woolcott
SY - Eileen (Mrs. Jack) Yankee
SY - Adams, Wayman
SY - Isaacs & Brody
SY - John Davis
SY - Mrs. Charles G. McGehee - Woodville
SY - James Reynolds

Box 5 (3 boxed files)

SY - Draft?
SY - J.P.'s Book - Reviews, Correspondence
SY - Review of JP's Volumes