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Accounting Historians Journal (1974-June 2007) – The journal has been scanned from cover to cover. The prefatory matter is entitled “Contents” and the end matter “Announcement.” The journal may also be browsed issue by issue. From 1974 to 1992, both a searchable PDF and a separate page-image PDF are provided for each article. From 1993 to 1998, the PDF page image contains embedded searchable text, reflecting advances in PDF technology. As the software does not always translate images to text accurately and proofreaders do not catch all the software reading errors, having both an image and a searchable text file allows the researcher immediately to check the accuracy of any questionable transcription. Beginning in 1999, native (searchable) PDFs have been provided by the publisher.

Accounting Historians Notebook (1978-April 2007) – Each issue of the Notebook has been scanned from cover to cover. These image files contain an embedded searchable text. Major articles and news items have been indexed separately and can be located using author, title, subject, or keyword searches. Minor news notes, announcements of upcoming conferences, announcements of upcoming grants and awards competitions, and books for sale have not been individually indexed, but may still be located in the issues by using a full-text search.

AICPA Codes of Professional Conduct collection (1917-2005) – All entries are page image with an embedded searchable text. This collection includes the following:
1.The ET (ethics) sections from the Professional Standards from 1974 through 2005
2. The BL (by-laws) sections of the Professional Standards from 1974 through 2005
3. Separately published pamphlets of the Code from 1917 through 1997
4. The By-laws as they are included with the Code in the separately issued pamphlets (1917-1997).
5. Commentaries on the Code by A. P. Richardson, John L. Carey, and John L. Carey and William O. Doherty

AICPA Exposure Drafts – Over 370 non-current exposure drafts published by the AICPA have been added to the collection. They range in date from 1968 through 2007. As exposure drafts become noncurrent (due to adoption or withdrawal), they are added to the collection. Older exposure drafts are page images with an embedded text. After 2000, most of the exposure drafts are native PDFs furnished by the publisher (AICPA).

MicMickle Collection (bibliographic citations only) - In 1996, Dr. Peter McMickle of Memphis donated his collection of rare accounting books to the Academy of Accounting Historians, with the provision that the library be housed at Ole Miss. The library consists of more than 1,200 individual titles, with more than 500 volumes dating from the 19th century and the oldest volume dating back to 1655.

The McMickle Collection is located in the Patterson School of Accountancy. The items do not circulate. Small travel grants to use the collection are available to members of the Academy of Accounting Historians. To use the collection, call (662) 915-7468 or email

Pamphlets Collection –This selection of pamphlets from the AICPA collection currently contains over 600 items ranging in date from 1897 to 1994. Pamphlets entered between 2005 and 2006 have separate image and text files; after 2006, the text is embedded in the image file (reflecting advances in the PDF technology). The pamphlets in this collection are culled from the larger AICPA pamphlets collection. They are in the public domain, that is, the pamphlet was published before 1923, or its copyright has expired, or it is a government document. The pamphlets focus on (but are not limited to) the topics of cost accounting, uniform accounting standards, early CPA examination questions, and publications of the SEC (early Accounting Series Releases),

Photographs and Illustrations Collection – The images included are those the digitizing team came across in the course of working with the AICPA collections. Photographs and illustrations of individuals located in other collections have been indexed and may be browsed from this page or searched using keyword on the main page. We welcome suggestions and ideas for future illustrations.

Acknowledgments -- University of Mississippi Libraries would like to thank the Institute of Museum and Library Services for funding this project and the Academy of Accounting Historians and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for permission to digitize portions of their materials.


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