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The art illustrating the accounting literature from the Summa to the present is surely one of the most underappreciated aspects of accounting history. This collection includes the frontispieces of 16th- and 17th-century accounting texts; cartoons and illustrations from 19th- and early 20th-century books, logos, and mastheads; and photographs from early organizational meetings, early journals and books, and from the pages of the Accounting Historians Journal and Accounting Historians Notebook.

This collection is in two parts – a small group of illustrations and portraits that may be browsed by image or subject, and a much larger group of photographs that may be browsed by subject only.

I. Browse-by-Image Collection
A Browse the Photographs and Illustrations search screen allows the user to peruse the images in order to select an illustration and go to the full bibliographic record and view a larger image. Or, the user may click the down arrow in the Quick Search box below and select title, author, or subject. For in-depth searching, use the “ Advanced Keyword ” search on the DAC home page and use “Illustrations Collection” in a title field.


Browse the Photographs and Illustrations

II. Portraits: Photographs and Illustrations of Individuals (browsable by list of names)
A Browse Portraits by Subject screen is available, linked to the full bibliographic records and images. On the browse screen, click the “Limit Search” button, then choose “Subject” in the drop-down menu, and then enter the name of the individual you are searching for. For in-depth searching, use the “Advanced Keyword” search on the DAC home page and use “Portraits” in a subject field.

Accounting Historians Journal
(Full-text, searchable)
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Accounting Historians Notebook
(Full-text, searchable)
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AICPA Codes of Professional Conduct
(Full-text, searchable)
AICPA Exposure Drafts
(Full-text, searchable)
AICPA Exposure Draft
McMickle Collection – Bibliographic citations only
Accounting Pamphlets - Full-Text-Limited Collection
(Full text, searchable, approximately 600 pamphlets)
Luca Pacioli
Pamphlets – Bibliographic Citations Only (approximately 33,000 citations)
See also Main UM catalog for citations to many other pamphlets
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Photographs and Illustrations
(For additional portraits, search under subject “Portraits”)
AACPA Annual Banquet 1910 - Aster Hotel

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