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Creating Links to Library Resources from BlackBoard

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This tutorial will show you how to create links from Blackboard to online library resources. It is recommended that you link to library resources using persistent URLs, or pURLs. Please see the tutorial on how to find pURLs for more information.

Many course instructors look for ways to provide course reading material to their students from Blackboard or course web pages. If a reading is available online through the library, it is preferable to link to the reading rather than to post a digital copy due to possible copyright issues. pURLs to library resources will include the library's proxy server address. Using the proper pURL will allow your students to access the article whether they are on or off campus.

From the Blackboard control panel for your course, you can choose to link your readings under either course documents or external links. Here you can create a new item, give the new item a name and type or paste information about the resource in the text box. Next, highlight the portion of the text that you would like to link and then choose the linking icon in the toolbar, paste the pURL into the URL bar and click submit. When you are finished adding items, click okay.

When students click on the link to the article from blackboard they will be taken to the web page for the article. Students trying to access the article from off campus will be asked to login with their webIDs before they see this page. Click on the full text link to retrieve the article.