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Information Literacy:
Competencies for Students

Library Competencies for First Year Students & Sophomores

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Created by the UM Information Literacy Committee; 2005; revised January 2014

Primary skills for first year and sophomores to prepare them for junior and senior level research work.

  1. Students will be aware of services offered by the library: IM, available technology, study areas and service points;
  2. Students will be able to identify the key concepts of their topic;
  3. Student will be able to focus and articulate their information needs by identifying keywords, synonyms and related terms;
  4. Students will be able to differentiate between the types of sources cited and understands the basic elements of citations;
  5. Students will evaluate the information retrieved to assess for quality and relevance;
  6. Student will be able to review the initial information located and determine whether the information satisfies the research question.

Library Competencies for Juniors & Seniors

Created by the UM Information Literacy Committee

Skills that Juniors and Seniors should know in order to be competent researchers in their majors.

Students will: