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First Year Instruction Initiative

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As the level of difficulty of research projects increases, so must students' abilities. The goal of the first year initiative is to have all students master a few basic library competencies to aid them in their first year of college-level research.

Your Librarians

Librarians are matched to every section of the participating courses; the librarians will contact the instructor within the first week of the semester.

Participating Courses


After participating in the First Year Instruction Initiative (FYII), students will be able to:

  1. Recognize where to seek library research help online using Ask-A-Librarian;
  2. Focus and articulate an information need by identifying keywords, synonyms and related terms for a specific research query;
  3. Differentiate between an article and book in citation format;
  4. Identify the title of a book, the title of an article and the title of a journal;
  5. Evaluate information retrieved to assess for relevance based on a specific topic.

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