Research Help

Library Instruction:
Planning Your Session


Who do I Contact if I Want to Bring my Class to the Library?

What kind of Services does the Libraries Provide?

Where do I Bring My Class?
There are several options for where to hold a library instruction session. There is an interactive classroom, room 218 and a presentation space in the Faulkner room in the JD Williams Library. There is also an auditorium in the Science Library building. Librarians can also use your teaching lab, smart classroom, or bring a laptop and projector. Librarians are happy to come to any of the satellite campuses to provide instruction.

Note: we do not book our classroom for purposes outside of library instruction or without a librarian present.

When Should I Bring My Class In?
Timing is everything—students find research help more meaningful when it is relevant and course-integrated. Learning how to use library resources is most effective when students need information for an assignment.

If your syllabus is firm, schedule sessions in advance. We prefer that classes are brought to the library after the first week of the semester and before the last week of classes.

Why Do My Students Need a Session with a Librarian?
Students of all levels need help navigating the increasingly complex world of information. While it is important for all first year students to get an overview of resources to begin their academic career, classes with a research component requires a more refined and specialized skill set.

How many times have you been disappointed with student work? Because faculty are expert researchers, it seems that providing tips during class and a detailed assignment should be enough. Don’t assume your students know how to locate relevant, reliable information. Librarians are up-to-date on the ever-changing resources provided by library databases and Internet. Instruction sessions provide students with time to search hands-on, ask questions about the assignment and locate appropriate information.

How Should I Prepare for an Instruction Session?
Provide the librarian with a copy of the class assignment and confer with your librarian about the objectives of the library instruction session. Discuss potential topics and library resources. Accompany your class to the Library. Students are motivated and engaged when their professor participates. If you are unable to attend the session, please arrange for another instructor to attend.

Lay the groundwork by informing students of their research project prior to the instruction session. Ask the student what they will need to learn about to complete their project. Be sure they have a general topic idea prepared.

Maximize the time students have for hands-on research by having them view online library tutorials so that more time can be devoted to individualize assistance.