Bleeding Heart

Scientific: Lamprocapnos spectabilis (formerly Dicentra spectabilis)

Also known as old-fashioned bleeding-heart, Venus's car, Lady in a bath, Dutchman's trousers, or Lyre-flower is a rhizomatous perennial plant native to eastern Asia from Siberia south to Japan. It is a popular ornamental plant for flower gardens in temperate climates, and is also used in floristry as a cut flower for Valentine's Day. It usually has red heart-shaped flowers with white tips which droop from arching flower stems in late spring and early summer. White-flowered forms are also cultivated.

Light: Part Sun, Shade
Zones: 3-9
Plant Type: Perennial
Plant Width: 1-3 feet wide
Landscape Uses: Containers, Beds & Borders
Special Features: Flowers, Attractive Foliage, Cut Flowers, Deer Resistant, Easy to Grow