Carissa Holly

Scientific: Ilex Cornuta

Flowers: Staminate. Male plants.
Growth Habit: A dwarf holly that grows 3' tall and 3' to 5' wide.
Leaves: Have 1 spine on the tip. Up to 3" long.
Likes sun to part shade. New growth can revert back to a 7 spine leaf (developed from Ilex cornuta 'Rotunda') which needs to be pruned out. Can get cupping syndrome which is in response to stress (not enough water, heat, etc.), but won't hurt the plant. Male cultivar so no fruit. Hardy to zone 7. Released by Wight Nurseries in Cairo, GA.


Locations on campus: Kennon Observatory, J.D. Williams Library, Trent Lott Center, Lyceum, Law Center and many others.