Panicled Golden-Rain Tree a.k.a. Varnish Tree

Scientific: Koelreuteria paniculata

Familay: Sapindaceae
Flowers: Big, yellow panicle (1' long) flowers in late May to early June.
Leaves: Odd pinnately compound leaves with the coarsely serrated leaflet having a small wing near the petiole. Usually 7 to 15 leaflets/leaf.
Growth Habit: Grows 15' to 30' tall. Can be single or multi-trunked (severe renewal prune when young).
Other: A tough plant that can withstand heat and wind. Prefers full sun. Is a good tree for a small area, specimen tree, etc. Hardy from zones 5 to 9. Has a very lightweight, but strong wood.

Campus locations: Grove, Hill Dr. - north end