Saucer Magnolia a.k.a. Japanese Maple

Scientific: Acer palmatum

The Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) includes an incredibly diverse and beautiful variety of hybrids. (Over 300 cultivars.) They may vary considerably in leaf shape from the 'typical' Maple leaf, to deeply cut 'Lace leaf' varieties. The foliage colors range from light green to a deep burgundy. The growth habit may be anywhere from a low growing, dwarf weeping variety to a 20 foot tall shade tree.

Family: Magnoliaceae
Height: 15-25 feet, spread 15–25 feet.
Upright and irregular with open branching.
Foliage: alternate, simple, entire, 4-6 inches long. Flowers March before leaves appear. Sun to part shade. Likes good drainage, needs watering, no pruning except what is desired. Pest – scale.

Red Leaf (right)

Green Leaf (below)