Kwanzan Cherry

Kwanzan Cherry (Prunus 'Kwanzan' (Kanzan)) has double pink flowers and a vase-shaped form with a rounded crown that spreads with age, making the tree wider than it is tall at maturity. The new leaves are bronze colored, turning to dark green, then yellow, orange, or copper in fall. This is a fruitless cultivar. Kwanzan cherry is grafted onto Prunus avium (mazzard) stock or grown from cuttings. Trees propagated on their own roots are preferable. Easily transplanted, it prefers a site with full sun, loose, well drained soil with plenty of moisture. It is somewhat tolerant of alkaline soil and drought but is sensitive to pollution and stresses in general. For these reasons and because ofits susceptibility to pests and disease, the life span is limited from 15 to 25 years.