Native Azalea

The deciduous native azaleas or wild azaleas that we grow are native to the East Coast of the United States. Our goal is to produce plants as they reproduce in nature, from seed, some are by cuttings, from those that will root. Most do well in zones 5-8, if planted in well-drained organic soil and sun to part shade, more high shade in southern locations. They are best planted in late fall or early spring, when they are dormant. Our native azaleas are container grown 1 gal. Container plants are 12" to 16". We try to ship plants with some buds so you will have a flowering plant your first year, but most will not have buds, depending on this years 4 to 5 year old 1 gallon plants, and may take a year or two to bloom. We have larger azaleas for pickup at the nursery most of the time, up to 60". For more information about native azaleas got to the Azaleas society of America web site