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  • Bollards and Chains
  • Irrigation
  • Solid Waste
  • Street Sweeping

Landscape Services plays a vital roll in the installation and maintenance of bollards and chains on campus. The University currently has 2,312 metal bollards on campus with 15,994 linear feet (close to 3 miles) of chain between the bollards. Our team works closely with the University Police Department and Physical Plant Department for all bollards and chains requests. Standard black bollard size on campus is 2 ½' tall and 6" wide powder coated. The chain between the bollards is 3/16" grade 30 proof coil chain.

Requests for services should be directed to the SAP work order system.

For information, questions, or comments contact:

Landscape Services Deptartment
Bonnie Black, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (662) 915-1846

The Landscape Services Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and installation of most of the irrigation systems on the University of Mississippi's main campus.

It is our goal to keep the campus looking lush, green, and healthy while being wise stewards of our resources. Regular maintenance of irrigation systems is vital to ensure that the systems run effectively and efficiently. There is approximately 200 acres of trees, shrubs and turf under irrigation on campus.

Landscape team in action:

Irrigation related problems, i.e.: broken sprinklers or lines, sprinklers systems running for an excessive amount of time, and requests for outages should be directed to the Landscape Services by sending SAP notification. If you do not have SAP access, contact your building Mayor.



For information, questions, or comments contact:
Landscape Services Deptartment
Bonnie Black, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (662) 915-1846

Dumpster use and safety:

The University of Mississippi provides trash collection dumpsters on campus. These dumpsters are for the University of Mississippi community's use and are only to be used for the disposal of campus generated material. The disposal of private household waste anywhere on the University of Mississippi campus is prohibited.
Due to the unknown contents of a trash container and the associated potential safety hazards, it is prohibited on campus for individuals to enter or remove items from dumpsters or other trash receptacles.

The days when practically anything could be sent to the landfill are long since passed. If you have any questions about what items are permitted to go into a dumpster, accidentally discard an item into a dumpster, or if you wish to report hazardous material(s) improperly placed into a dumpster or campus trash receptacle, please contact Landscape Services at (662)915-1846.

Please note the following:

Dumpster Do’s:

  • Place items inside dumpster, do not stack items outside dumpster, the dumpster can not be emptied if items are stacked or blocking the dumpster.
  • Broken glass should be placed in a cardboard box, taped shut, and marked as broken glass prior to its placement in the trash dumpster.
  • If you are unsure how to properly dispose of your campus waste contact Health and Safety or Landscape Services Department.
  • If you need a dumpster serviced call Campus Dispatch (662) 915-7087 or Landscape Services (662)915-1846.

Dumpster Don'ts:

  • Don't enter a dumpster for any purpose
  • Don't climb on a dumpster for any reason.
  • Don't scavenge.
  • Don't park in front of a dumpster.

The following items should NOT be placed into our trash dumpsters at any time:

  • Any biohazardous, radioactive, hazardous, regulated medical waste. You may contact Health and Safety for proper disposal.
  • Any University of Mississippi items containing a property sticker, contact Procurement Services.
  • Any appliances- including but not limited to refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, stoves, ovens, grills and dehumidifiers. Contact Landscape Services, (662)915-1846.
  • Cell phone batteries, rechargeable batteries, contact Health and Safety.
  • Automobile batteries, tires, motor oil, contact Physical Plant Service Station (662)915-7304.
  • Paint, rollers, buckets, spray cans, contact Health and Safety.
  • Any aerosol can containing materials, contact Health and Safety.
  • Carpet
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Furniture
  • Private household waste or yard waste
  • Construction or demolition debris
  • Charcoal
  • Cigarettes, cigars or objects that may be burning
  • Smoke detectors, contact Health and Safety.

Construction dumpster on campus:

A construction dumpster may be requested by SAP order to Landscape Services for temporary use. Construction dumpster should be set on a hard paved surface as to not damage landscaping or turf areas and not to obstruct traffic or emergency services. The placement of the construction dumpster shall be approved by Landscape Services and the Campus Fire Marshal. The Department ordering the dumpster is responsible for contacting Landscape Services, via SAP order with account number, when the container is ready for removal or to be emptied and returned.

Shredding Services:

Physical Plant Department offers paper shredder services for campus departments needing sensitive papers shredded. Please send a SAP work order to Physical Plant Department or call at 662-915-7051.

Small Waste Receptacles Specifications on Campus:

The Victor Stanley trash cans on campus are ordered from:

Contract Connection, Inc.
504 South 2nd Street
Jacksonville, FL 32250
Phone (904)249-5353
Fax (904)249-8177

They are the only distributor for Victor Stanley products.
The specs for the can are
Model VS-T-32 36 gal Receptacle w/ Standard Lid & Liner
Model VS-S-2 36 gal Formed Dome Lid
The color is Taverne Green
It takes at least 3 months for shipping.

If you need any other info, please contact:

Bonnie Black, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (662) 915-1846

2008 Solid Waste Summary

Departmental Trucks:
Purchase Cost in 2005 Mack truck:  $169,005.20
Fuel cost 2008:  $6,447.57
Tires & Tubes cost 2008:  $4,311.99
Oil & Greases cost in 2008:  $266.16

Reserve back up truck
Purchase cost in 1997 of Mack truck:   $119,680.00
Fuel cost for truck in 2008:   $2,493.72
Tires & Tubes cost 2008:  $1,585.92
Oil & Greases cost in 2008:  $349.16

One full- time driver, two back-up drivers with a minimum Class B Drivers License.

Wages spent for 2008, with 1784.40 regular hours and 543.80 overtime, $33,570.01, plus 30% benefits.

Departmental Dumpsters summary:

There are 119 front end load dumpsters on campus that range from 2 to 8 yards. 

Waste Removal Vendors summary:

Three Rivers

2,100.58 Tons                     $73,520.30                           $35.00 per ton

The University of Mississippi's Landscape Services Department plays a vital roll in street sweeping on campus. The Landscape team is responsible for maintaining over ten miles of campus streets as well as numerous parking lots and service drives.


A dust-free sweeper, which uses a powerful vacuum and high efficiency filters to control secondary dust, is used to clean the many curbs along the street. This keeps gutters free of debris so rain water can flow freely into drains. Backpack blowers are also used by the Landscape Services team to clean up tight corners in service drives and parking lots.

Street sweeping is performed all year round on campus. However, sweeping is more frequent during the fall and early winter to help manage the heavy leaf drop.

For information, questions, or comments contact:

Landscape Services Deptartment
Bonnie Black, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (662) 915-1846