Star Magnolia

Scientific: Magnolia Stellata

Flowers: White flowers in early February with 11 to 19 petals. Will last up to 3 weeks if it doesn't get too cold. Blooms before Magnolia x soulangeana.
Leaves: Up to 3 1/2" long and widest above the middle. Tapers to the base. Has a short petiole (less than 1/2" long). Margins are sinuate and revolute.
Growth Habit: Grows 6' to 12' tall in a bushy shrub form with multi-trunks.
Other: Hardy from zone 4 to 9. Full sun is required for good flowers, but will take part shade. Is very easy to transplant.


Locations: Twin towers, Stewart hall, Village, Circle, Johnson Commons, Bondurant hall.