Seafloor Maps for Mississippi Canyon Block 118

Several high quality seafloor bottom maps are now available for consortium members and others interested in the seafloor observatory project. The maps were generated by C+C Technology Survey Services on May 3, 2005 using a Hugin 3000 AUV equipped with multibeam swath bathymetry, side-scan sonar, and chirp sub-bottom profiler. Easily downloadable subbottom profiles are also available below.

A base map for the seafloor observatory - 6.1 mb pdf (showing the MMS restricted zone and all sampling and installation locations)

High quality seafloor bottom maps generated by C+C Technologies

Color-Shaded Bathymetric Map - 3.9 mb pdf

Color-Shaded Bathymetric Picture 21 mb tif
(this tif file has no contour lines but affords an unobscured view of the seafloor topography, the file is large at approximately 20 megabytes)

Slope Gradient Map - 2.5 mb pdf
(identifies subtle seabed features by accentuating the features edge)

Side Scan Sonar Mosaic - 1.7 mb pdf
(reveals acoustic images of the seafloor)

Multibeam Backscatter Map - 3.7 mb pdf

Navigation Post Plot Map (35.5 x 31) - 700 kb pdf

Chirp sub-bottom profiles

The scale of the chirp lines is set to limit vertical exaggeration to 3:1 which results in rather long lines.  The profiles are sized to plot on 24x46 inch paper, however, one should be able to zoom in on areas of interest and crop the image for desk top printing. Some quality of the image is lost in translating the data to picture format. The quality of these PDFs is good for general use. SEGY files of the data are available upon request.

View and/or download sub-bottom profiles

Contact: Ken Sleeper

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