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Shallow seismic reflection investigations of the Big Creek Fault Zone
and its extension into the Memphis, Tennessee area:
Collaborative with Millsaps College, Jackson, MS.

The Big Creek Fault Zone is a poorly known fault included in the southern portion of the New Madrid Seismic Zone. It's poorly known trend is projected from Arkansas in a northeasterly direction across Mississippi toward Memphis, Tennessee. The project goal is to better understand this fault zone and produce data to help evaluate its potential to produce earthquakes. This project is a collaborative effort with the Department of Geology at Millsaps College, which will obtain land-based seismic profiles along the fault trend in Arkansas and Mississippi, while the MMRI will obtain water-based profiles in the Mississippi River and the Wolf River in Tennessee. The river seismic profiles will seek to identify the location in the Mississippi River where the Big Creek Fault crosses from Arkansas into Mississippi and to determine if there is identifiable faulting in the Wolf River along the projected trend of the Big Creek Fault. Click here to view the seismic profile acquired in the Wolf River, in Memphis, Tennessee. It is also hopeful that the river seismic profiles will elucidate faulting style and magnitude. The Seistech high resolution seismic profiling system was the primary system used to obtain the water-based seismic profiles.

1. This project was funded by the U.S. Geological Survey through the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program, Grant No. 02HQGR0032.

Contact: Charles T. Swann

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