Compilation Of Oil and Gas Well Data for Siloam Field, Clay County, Mississippi

MMRI Open-File Report 06-01S
by Rick Ericksen, R.P.G.
February, 2006

The Siloam Field, in Clay County, Mississippi, is the second of the "Field Data" series. Siloam is ranked as 333 among the oil producing fields in Mississippi and during 2005 it produced only 21 barrels of oil with no significant water. Siloam ranked 59th in gas production in 2005, producing 189,957 mcf. The trapping mechanism is a faulted anticline with production on the upthrown block.

The Siloam Field compilation contains information gathered from various agency files and from the professional literature. Both electronic and paper files have been utilized. Among the sources of information used in this compilation is the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Geology . The Office of Geology has traditionally served as one of the State's major repositories of subsurface data, which include scout tickets, core and cutting samples, field maps and well logs. The Office of Geology is located at the Southport Center, 2380 Highway 80 West in Jackson, Mississippi. The Office of Geology's mailing address is P.O. Box 20307, Jackson, Mississippi, and they can be contacted by phone at (601) 961-5500. Mr. Michael B. E. Bograd is the Director.

The Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board is another major repository of oil and gas well information. The Oil and Gas Board has regulatory authority and supervises hydrocarbon exploration and production in Mississippi. This compilation has included information from both electronic and paper files maintained in the Oil and Gas Board offices. The information held by the Oil and Gas Board includes field maps, exhibits used during hearings, various Board forms containing information relating to well construction and production, well logs, production information and other data both historic and current. The Oil and Gas Board mailing address is 107 Greymont Ave., Suite E , Jackson, Mississippi, 39202-7142. The Oil and Gas Board can be reached by phone at (601) 354-7142. Ms. Lisa Ivshin is the Executive Director.

The Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute (MMRI) is headquartered at the University of Mississippi. The MMRI maintains a set of well logs, scout tickets and other energy-related data. The scout tickets regarding the Siloam Field are part of the Neill Oil Company files donated to the MMRI as a source of information to academia and to the public. The mailing address for the MMRI is 220 Old Chemistry Building, University, Mississippi, 38677, and the MMRI main office can be reached by phone at (662) 915-7320. Dr. J. Robert Woolsey is the Executive Director of the Institute.

Information regarding the Siloam Field in the professional literature is limited. The Mississippi Geological Society published a set of books characterizing selected Mississippi fields i.e. "red books" and Siloam Field appears in Volume I (Mississippi Geological Society, 1957, Mesozoic-Paleozoic Producing Areas of Mississippi and Alabama).

The files are subdivided into directories of similar information types for convenience with the largest file being approximately 15.5 mb. The files have also been "zipped" (compressed) to facilitate downloading.

Many of the file names exceed 31 characters and therefore may present problems if you are using a Mac OS.

All Production Data (3.7 mb)

Available Cores (98 kb)

Field Synopsis (9 kb)

Maps (1.8 mb)

Oil and Gas Board Completion Forms (7 mb)

Scout Tickets and Other Image Data (10 mb)

Well Data Information (212 kb)

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