1:30 p.m., Monday, May 9, 2005, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:        Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Eftink, Burnham, Lee, Wells, Stocks, Rholes,

                          Chitwood, Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Hawley for Dean Reithel, Dr. Sumrall,

                          Ms. Piazza, Dr. Fant, Dr. Hall, Dr. Hallam, Dr. K. Gates, Dr. Gispen,

                          Ms. Mossing for Dr. C. Gates, Ms. Puckett


ABSENT:          Dean Reithel, Dean Davis, Mr. Putta, Dr. Angle, Dr. Clark, Dr. C. Gates,

                          Ms. Harrington

             1. Approval of Minutes. The Provost announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the March 7 meeting without exception.

             2. Faculty Senate Proposal Regarding Quadrennial Review of Administrators (see Attachment #1). Dr. Sumrall reviewed the changes the Faculty Senate had made to the policy previously presented to the Council. Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez spoke against the proposal. He suggested that it would inevitably cause confusion as between an administrator’s accomplishments and those of the administrator’s unit. He further suggested that evaluation of administrators was sometimes appropriately made on the basis of information not generally available to faculty. Finally, he suggested that the proposal was in tension with the Chancellor’s management style, which was for University accomplishments to be recognized as team efforts. He further questioned the appropriateness of posting information on the Chancellor’s web site rather than the Provost’s web site, since most of those subject to the proposed policy would report to the Provost. Dr. Gispen suggested that the issue at stake was the cultivation of a spirit of trust between administrators and faculty, but he questioned whether the Faculty Senate proposal would successfully cultivate this trust. Dean Stocks wondered whether the list of accomplishments should not be charactered as “the accomplishments of their unit.” Dean Burnham suggested that reports might be filed annually rather than every four years and that the appropriate site for the posting of these reports was on the web site of the unit in question. A motion to approve the Faculty Senate proposal was originally made by Dr. Sumrall and seconded by Dean Rholes, but after further discussion and on a motion by Dean Hopkins and a second by Dr. Gispen, the motion was tabled. After further discussion, Deans Sullivan-Gonzalez, Hopkins, and Chitwood agreed to meet with the Faculty Senate regarding this proposal.

             3. Contractual Readmission Program (see Attachment #2). Ms. Susan Mossing summarized for the Council the changes she and Dr. Gates had made to the proposal previously submitted to the Council. There was some discussion of how the program might be evaluated, and Dean Wells suggested that a control group be used as a point of comparison with students participating in the contractual readmission program. Dean Chitwood wondered whether students could undertake at least some aspects of the contractual readmission program on line while they were suspended. Ms. Mossing suggested that most aspects of the program could not be satisfied on line. After further discussion and on a motion by Dean Hopkins and a second by Dean Stocks, the contractual readmission program was unanimously approved.

             4. Commencement. Dr. Fant indicated that graduation applications were up 250 to 260 students. The Provost indicated that if it rains, the graduation ceremony will still occur in the Grove. Dean Hopkins inquired as to the rules being applied as to which students might walk in graduation. The sense of the Council was that the previously adopted policy of allowing only students who could graduate in August, that is, had fourteen hours or less to complete, could walk.

             5. General Announcements.

             The Provost summarized the work of the task forces and indicated that task force reports had been posted on the web and that the chairs of the various task forces had met with her to establish a list of the priorities. These also have been posted on the web, and the Provost summarized them.

             Dr. Gates reported on the first I grade posted under SAP. She also inquired as to whether deans wish to be notified of I grades through their personal or organizational accounts. Support was expressed for this notification being made through organizational e-mail accounts.

             Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez briefly reported on the solid group of honors students who will be entering the university in the fall.

             Dean Eftink reported that the Graduate School office has moved. He also discussed with the Council the table of recommended equivalencies that he was circulating to the deans and for which he wished to have a response by July 1. These equivalencies will be used in prerequisite checking and in the degree audit.

             Dr. Sumrall announced that the last meeting of the Faculty Senate will be held this week.

             Dean Wells announced that the ten-year anniversary of the NCNPR will be celebrated on July 6.

             Dean Rholes reported that the library is assuming possession of the old physical plant building next week, in which Congressional archives and library overflow will be stored. She indicated that compact shelving will be used in the facility and that the library is gaining 11,000 square feet and 37,000 linear feet of shelf space.

             Ms. Elizabeth Piazza, the new Director of Academic Affairs for the ASB, introduced herself and expressed the ASB’s interest in seeing the work necessary for the degree audit completed.

             The Provost announced that Dr. Fant had assumed the position of Director of Admissions and Records. Dr. Fant announced that May Intercession enrollment was up to 1500, in contrast with 1000 last year. She also suggested that she would be approaching the various deans with ideas about recruiting in the near future. There was some discussion as to the anticipated enrollment in the freshman class. Dr. Fant indicated that housing applications are apparently down, but she attributed this to the inclusion of the housing application in the original enrollment CD. Apparently, the enrollment in summer orientation is remaining level.

             The Provost announced that Mississippi State and Southern are copying our wintersession.

             Dr. Hallam reminded the Council of the graduate hooding ceremony at 7:30 this Friday night in the Ford Center.

             Dr. Hawley announced that the Business School has a permanent dean.

             6. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on July 1, 2005.