1:30 p.m., Monday, May 14, 2007, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:        Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Reithel, Eftink, Lee, Wells, Wilder, Rholes, Chitwood, Pate, Burnham, Davis, Mr. Jermaine Jackson for Anthony Yuen, Dr. Angle, Dr. Fant, Dr. Hall, Dr. Clark, Dr. Gates, Dr. Gispen, Ms. Harrington


ABSENT:          Dr. Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Buntin, Dr. Donna Davis, Mr. Yuen, Mr. Monroe


             1. Approval of Minutes.

             The Provost announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the March 12 meeting without exception.

             2. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of April 13, 2007

                  (see Attachment #1)

             On a motion by Dean Hopkins and a second by Dean Davis, the Council unanimously approved the Undergraduate Council minutes of April 13, 2007.


3. Proposal to Establish the Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement Award - University Research Board (see Attachment #2)

             Dr. Alice Clark was present and discussed the proposal. She indicated that she hoped the award could be awarded at the next graduation ceremony. Dean Davis suggested that the award might be presented on Honors Day if it were won by a law school faculty member. Dr. Gispen inquired as to whether there might be multiple awards. Dr. Clark suggest that on some circumstances it might be appropriate to split the award. The Provost questioned the amount of the proposed award, since it was not consistent with the amounts associated with other significant awards. On a motion by Dean Reithel and a second by Dean Wells, the Council unanimously approved the proposal, subject to two amendments: the first was to change the language describing eligibility to stipulate that eligible nominees must “be an associate or full professor (including research associate professor or research professors who are not tenure track faculty); and to eliminate the specific suggested amount of the monetary prize from the proposal.

             4. Other Business. 

             The Provost asked members of the Council to discuss any problems with graduation this year. Deans Chitwood and Hopkins both informed the Council of traffic jams that had occurred at the IPF and the Coliseum. Dean Hopkins indicated that the College of Liberal Arts was willing to move its graduation ceremony back if this would help relieve some of the traffic problems. It was noted that the handicapped restrooms had not been unlocked at the Coliseum. It was further noted that the Union Food Court had run low on food and that Java City had not been open. Dean Hopkins mentioned that the College of Liberal Arts was out of space on the floor of the Coliseum. He supports the creation of a separate ceremony to recognize recipients of master’s degrees in the College. He’s prepared to conduct this ceremony at the same time as the doctoral hooding ceremony but in a separate location, possibly the Nutt Auditorium. It was noted that although programs are distributed at the main university ceremony, many people do not retain them for use at the separate school/college ceremonies.

             Dr. Kathy Gates discussed various IT issues. She indicated that student evaluations, beginning in this spring intersession, will be conducted for all terms. She briefly discussed the followup process for conditional booking. It was noted that Dean Sparky Reardon is working on a standard email announcement format to be called “good morning Ole Miss.” This announcement would help to reduce the number of email to group announcements.

             Dean Eftink briefly announced that all the deans would be invited to a program on June 5 to describe the degree audit process and the catalog audit process.

             6. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

All items approved by the Chancellor on June 27, 2007.