1:30 p.m., Monday, September 15, 2003, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:        Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Eftink, Davis, Lee, Wells, Stocks, Rholes, Chitwood,

                          and Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Malone for Dean Reithel, Dr. Rock, Dr. Angle,

                          Dr. Fant, Dr. Hall, Mr. Brown for Dr. Clark, Dr. Womer, Dr. Gates


ABSENT:          Dean Reithel, Dean Chambless, Ms. Crosby, Ms. Cotwright, Dr. Clark,

                          Dr. Gispen

             1. Approval of Minutes. The Provost announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the May 13 and June 9 meetings without exception.

             2. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes of June 20. On a motion by Dean Davis and a second by Dean Wells, the Council unanimously approved the Graduate Council Minutes of June 20. Some discussion occurred concerning the addition of the Selected Legal Topics courses, an addition justified as necessary to allow students to enroll in more than one section of Selected Legal Topics under the new Campus Management system. Dean Hopkins indicated that the College of Liberal Arts had some concern whether the addition of multiple courses with the same name and a different Roman numeral designation might not imply some sequence. Dean Davis also announced that the Law School had recently adopted a policy that a particular course could not be offered more than once as a Selected Legal Topics course.

             3. Proposed Revised 2003-2004 Academic Calendar and Proposed 2004-2005 Academic Calendar. On a motion by Dean Hopkins and a second by Dean Wells, the Council unanimously approved the calendars shown as Attachment #2 to these minutes. Prior to this vote, Dr. Fant noted that spring break for the spring 2004 had been rescheduled to coincide with the spring break of local school districts. About half of the other Mississippi institutions of higher learning have similarly rescheduled their spring breaks. Dr. Fant also indicated that effective with the intercession of 2004 the calendar reflected a reduction in contact minutes by 150 minutes, pursuant to permission received from the IHL Board. She noted that Mississippi State and Southern have not yet reduced their contact minutes.

             Dean Davis confirmed that the Law School will not have a winter intercession and that it will not reduce its contact minutes from the current total of 2300 minutes.

             Dr. Fant indicated that she had consulted with the Office of Financial Aid and confirmed that the calendar posed no difficulties for that office. The Provost requested that the Athletics Department be contacted about the calendar. In response to a question by Dean Hopkins, Dean Eftink indicated that the committee which he chairs concerning the winter intercession would be investigating whether faculty time on research grants could be applied during the winter intercession.

             4. Freshman Center (see Attachment #1). Mr. William McCartney reported on his plans for converting the Stockard and Martin dormitories into a Freshman Center. He indicated that the plans for this center were part of a broader plan to create learning communities on the campus of the University of Mississippi. He hopes eventually to create an international house and a residential college for high academic achievers to supplement the Freshman Center.

             Current plans for the Freshman Center are detailed in Mr. McCartney’s memo of July 14, 2003 to the Provost (attached). In addition to summarizing the information contained in that memo, Mr. McCartney indicated that he had tentatively obtained the commitment of Dr. Ken Sufka to serve as faculty adviser to the Freshman Center. As a part of his responsibilities, Dr. Sufka would be expected to schedule guest lectures and work with peer mentors. Dr. Sufka may also teach a psychology class offered to the Freshman Center students. Mr. McCartney expects that students will pay an extra $150-200 to live in the Freshman Center.

             4. Additional Matters.

             Dean Davis indicated that he had had discussions with Dr. Susan Glisson concerning scheduling a speaker to commemorate Martin Luther King Day.

             The Provost reported that after discussions with the IHL Board, the University would henceforth report medical school enrollment as a part of the University’s enrollment.

             Dr. Tim Angle reported that enrollments on both the Southaven and Tupelo campuses had increased in the fall.

             The Council discussed event planning under the new Campus Management system. Discussion centered on the slowness and complexity of the new course planning interface. The Provost indicated that improvement would have to be made to the system.

             Dr. Phil Malone inquired about prerequisite checking under the Campus Management system. Dr. Gates indicated that prerequisite checking is currently disabled within the system. Dr. Malone suggested that this feature needed to be implemented.

             Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez indicated that he was having difficulty scheduling the Ford Performing Arts Center for guest lectures the Honors College anticipates for September 2004 and February 2005. The Provost indicated that he should work with the Provost and the Council secretary on this issue.

             Dean Wells announced the upcoming Hartman Lecture at the Pharmacy School.


APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on 10-24-03.