1:30 p.m., Monday, February 16, 1998, in the Lyceum Board Room

PRESENT: Dr. Walton, Deans Abadie, Boxx, Eftink, Chambless, S. Davis, A. Smith, Dr. Hufford for Dean Roberts, J. Davis, Meador, Dr. Green, Mr. Hammack, Mr. Wilkins, Dr. Clark, Ms. Fant, Dr. Staton, Dr. Oliphant

ABSENT: Dean Roberts

VISITORS: Dr. Ed Meek, Bill Martin, and Tony Seaman


1. Presentation by the University Publishing Center and Imaging Services. Dr. Ed Meek, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Relations and Marketing, introduced Tony Seaman, Director of the University Publishing Center, and Bill Martin, Coordinator of Photographic Services, who discussed the services provided by their units and distributed examples of some of their work.

2. Announcements. Dr. Walton distributed to the Deans lists of community college students who have expressed interest in their programs. Dr. Walton also reminded Council members that there is a reception for honor roll students at 4:00 p.m. today and that Deans should notify their students that there will be no August commencement this year.

3. Approval of Minutes. It was announced that the Chancellor has approved the minutes of the September 29, 1997, meeting of the Council, with one exception: "Except Item 9. Policies regarding off campus responsibilities for faculty are being considered by the Faculty Senate, and we should have a recommendation soon. Therefore, we should delay any action on Item 9 until we hear from the Faculty Senate." Dr. Green then reported that the Faculty Senate is against the Policy as it is now written, but that the Senate has not recommended specific changes to the proposed Policy. The Senate's position is that teaching assignments should be negotiated in all cases and that a unilateral assignment of extraordinary teaching is against faculty governance. There was discussion about the need to review off-campus programs and the need for general University guidelines for such programs. Dr. Boxx indicated that the Business School performs periodic evaluations of its off-campus offerings. No action was taken on this issue.

It was announced that the Chancellor approved the minutes of November 24, 1997, and December 15, 1997, meetings of the Academic Council.

4. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes. Acceptance of the November 7, 1997, minutes of the Graduate Council was moved by Dr. Chambless, with a second from Dr. S. Davis. Dr. Smith, with a second from Dr. Chambless, then offered the amendment to except item #6 from the November 7 minutes. Both the amendment and the original motion passed unanimously.


Minutes of the Academic Council

Page Two

February 16, 1998


Acceptance of the January 16, 1998, minutes of the Graduate Council was moved by Dr. S. Davis, was seconded by Dr. Boxx, and was passed unanimously.

5. ADA Policy. The revised ADA Policy (see December 15, 1997, minutes of the Council) was distributed. Dr. Eftink explained the two revisions that had been made; the most significant revision involved the appeals procedure. Dr. Boxx moved, with a second from Dr. Abadie, acceptance of the Policy; the motion passed unanimously.

Dr. Abadie requested that a copy of the ADA Policy be sent to every faculty member.

6. Discussion of the Proposed Copyright Policy (see Attachment #1). Dr. Green reported that the Faculty Senate had raised several concerns regarding the proposed policy. Among these were questions regarding the meaning of such terms as "partial intent," "substantial use," and "other resources," whether there would be a public record of any variances to the policy, what would be the constitution of the review committee, and questions regarding student work. However, Dr. Green indicated a support by the Senate of the need for a policy. After considerable discussion, there was a consensus that the Provost should refer the proposed policy to one or more faculty who are experts in copyright law.

7. Discussion of the Core Curriculum Statement of Purpose (see Attachment #2). This statement was discussed, with Dr. Green indicating general support by the Faculty Senate, Dr. Smith noting that members of the Core Curriculum Committee had met with his faculty, and Dr. Chambless suggesting that there is need for additional discussion within the departments of his school.

8. Discussion of the ASB's Proposed Campus-Wide Honor Code (see Attachment #3). The Council heard reports of concerns expressed by the Faculty Senate and Graduate Council regarding the proposed Honor Code. There seemed to be positive sentiment for the initiative of the students and the spirit of the code, but there were a number of technical questions. These included whether the proposal intends to replace the other existing Honor Codes (with objection, if this is the intent), whether the proposed Code would require students to report observed incidences of cheating by others, and that the proposal did not clearly define procedures, definitions, and a means of providing for institutional memory. It was suggested by Dr. Eftink that he and Dr. Staton be allowed to work with the ASB leadership to modify their proposal in a way that takes these concerns into consideration and that might initially begin with something of the nature of a "pledge of integrity."


Minutes of the Academic Council

Page Three

February 16, 1998


9. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.




Gerald W. Walton Date




Maurice R. Eftink Date

(Acting for Carolyn Ellis Staton)





Robert C. Khayat, Chancellor Date