1:30 p.m., Monday, January 11, 1999, in the Martindale Board Room

PRESENT: Dr. Walton, Deans Hopkins, Boxx, Eftink, S. Davis, Smith, Roberts, Dr. Dale Flesher for Dean J. Davis, Dr. Williamson, Mr. Hammack, Dr. Clark, Ms. Fant, Dr. Staton

ABSENT: Deans Chambless, J. Davis, Meador, Mr. Rebman, Dr. Oliphant, Dr. Borne

1. Approval of Minutes. Dr. Walton announced that the Chancellor had approved the Minutes of the October 5, 1998, meeting without exception.

2. Reaction to the Minutes of the Graduate Council of November 6, 1998. Upon a motion by Dean Sam Davis, seconded by Dean Roberts, the Graduate Council Minutes of the November 6, 1998, meeting were accepted.

3. Use of Technology in the Classroom. Dean Boxx reported that he and Dean Jimmy Davis are concerned about the expensive technological equipment in the Holman and Conner Halls. Classes other than Business and Accountancy are held there, and he raised the question of who will take care of the equipment, who will maintain it, who will provide the resources, etc. There was a general discussion among the deans about how to approach this. Dean Boxx stated that the Business School has concerns about wear and tear on the equipment, per hour charges, security, misuse, and the proper training of personnel to use this equipment. Dean Hopkins suggested that faculty outside the Business and Accountancy schools be trained to use the equipment. No official action was taken.

4. Participation in the Teaching in Higher Education (THE) Forum. Dr. Walton suggested that if anyone wanted to participate in the THE Forum that we will coordinate a trip out of our office.

5. Second Bachelor's Degree. By consensus, it was determined that a student has to complete the requirements of the degree plus 30 hours more in order to receive a second bachelor's degree. The student must have 30 hours above and beyond what he or she needs for the first degree. It apparently does not present a problem as to whether those hours were acquired before or after the first degree is awarded.

6. Commencement. It was decided that the Graduate Dean will enforce a strict interpretation rule in determining whether Ph.D. graduates can process in the Commencement ceremony. Academic deans will make the decision about bachelors' and masters' students (without a thesis).

7. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Gerald W. Walton, Chair Date

Carolyn Ellis Staton, Secretary Date

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat: 3/1/99