1:30 p.m., Monday, November 24, 1997, in the Lyceum Board Room

PRESENT: Dr. Walton, Deans Abadie, Boxx, J. Davis, Dingerson, Chambless, Meador, Smith, Roberts, Drs. Clark, Eftink, Green, Oliphant, and Woodruff, Ms. Fant, and Mr. Hammack

ABSENT: C. Staton, S. Davis, and S. Wilkins

1. Approval of Undergraduate Council Minutes: After the Council expressed the opinion that the minutes of the September 2 meeting had already been approved, Dr. Roberts moved, with a second from Dr. Boxx, that the minutes of the October 3, 1997, meeting of the Undergraduate Council be accepted. This motion was unanimously endorsed.

2. Approval of Graduate Council Minutes: Dr. Dingerson moved, with a second from Dr. Chambless, that the September 5 minutes of the Graduate Council be approved. This motion passed unanimously. Also, Dr. Dingerson moved, with a second from Dr. Chambless, that the October 10 minutes of the Graduate Council be accepted. This motion passed unanimously.

3. Policy on Extraordinary Assignments (see Attachment #1): After some discussion, it was agreed to defer action on this policy recommendation (actually a recommendation of a preamble to the policy passed in the September 29, 1997, meeting) until the Faculty Senate has time to further study this matter and make its recommendation.

4. Commencement in May: Dr. Walton announced that the Commencement Committee has recommended that only a single commencement ceremony be held in May 1998, for the Sesquicentennial year. Dr. Walton asked for suggestions on how to announce this policy to those who intend to graduate in August, since it is desired to allow students who are near the end of their program to participate in the ceremony. There was some discussion, but no general agreement, about the criteria for determining who would be eligible to participate in the commencement. It was left to the Deans to select their own criteria. The consensus was that to participate in the May commencement students should be told that they must present evidence to their respective Dean that they can qualify to graduate in either May or August. It was suggested that the Provost's Office consider providing a news item to the campus newspaper in the spring to inform students.

5. Faculty Activity Reports (see Attachment #3): Dr. Green moved, with a second from Dr. Davis, that the Council accept a report of the Committee to Study Local Faculty Activity Reports. This motion was approved unanimously.

6. Faculty Senate's Recommendation on the Office of Research and the Graduate School (see Attachment #2): Dr. Green explained the Faculty Senate's recommendation that the University restructure the above offices to create a Vice Chancellor

Minutes of the Academic Council

Page Two

November 24, 1997

for Research and Graduate Studies, along with a Director of Research and a Dean of the Graduate School as separate positions. Concern was expressed by some Deans that this new structure might supplant some of their authority. Others stressed that the purpose of the proposed policy is to provide a stronger voice for research. After lengthy discussion, it was decided to defer action until the Deans could receive more feedback from their constituency.

7. Adjournment: The Council adjourned at 3:05 p.m.



Gerald W. Walton, Chair Date


Maurice R. Eftink Date

(Acting for Carolyn E. Staton, Secretary)





Robert C. Khayat, Chancellor Date