1:30 p.m., Monday, October 9, 2000, in the Martindale Board Room

PRESENT: Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Womer, S. Davis, Vaughan, Sindelar, Meador, and Clark, Dr. Don Cole for Dean Eftink, Dr. Love for Dean Chambless, Dr. Raber for Dr. Tew, Mr. Rebman, Ms. Fant, Dr. Stocks, Ms. McCarver for Dr. Gates

ABSENT: Dean Eftink, Dean Chambless, Dean J. Davis, Dr. Tew, Ms. Morrison, Dr. Borne, Dr. Buskes, Dr. Gates, Dr. Wyandt

1. Approval of Minutes. Dr. Staton announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the September 11 meeting without exception.

2. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of September 8. On a motion by Dean Sam Davis and a second by Dean Vaughan, the minutes of the Undergraduate Council for September 8 were unanimously accepted.

3. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes of July 21. On a motion by Dr. Cole and a second by Mr. Rebman, the minutes of the Graduate Council for July 21 were unanimously accepted.

4. Proposal for Establishment of School of Health Sciences and Professional Studies (Attachment #1). The Council agreed to defer discussion of the proposed new school until the recommendations of the Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council were forwarded to the Council of Academic Administrators.

5. Other Items.

  1. Dr. Staton reported that progress reports had been moved to the mid-point of the Fall 2000 semester.

  2. Dr. Staton announced that the first-year seminar will be pilot tested in Spring 2000, with five sections to be offered and taught by selected faculty on an overload basis. The Council expressed some concern over the increasing opportunities for faculty to teach on an overload basis.

  3. Dr. Staton announced that Dr. Richard Hadden has accepted an offer to become the Director of Technology Management at the University and will begin his service on October 25, 2000.

6. Adjournment. After announcements and reports by members, the Council adjourned at 2:15 p.m.


Carolyn Ellis Staton, Chair Date


Morris H. Stocks, Secretary Date

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on 11/1/00