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Archive of Faculty Senate Issues, Resolutions, and Reports

3/18/04: Resolution on university values, intellectual honesty, mutual respect and openness

03/22/05 Residential Colleges Task Force-Final Report

09/29/03 Blackboard Instructor Survey

09/29/03 Survey of Faculty Not Currently Using Blackboard

09/17/03 Baptist Memorial Physican Update

04/29/03 Faculty Discipline Policies

03/25/03 Initiative Package for Senate President and Secretary

11/14/02: Resolution re: Extension of the Probationary Period

11/14/02: Amendment to the Constitution: Conversion to a chair elect system

11/14/02: Amendments to the Constitution: Economics move to Liberal Arts

05/01/02: Letter to the Provost re: Business School Procedure 

04/23/02: Resolution re: Business School Procedure

04/18/02 Academic Program Review, Dr. Eftink

03/21/02: A Process to be used in deciding...Economics faculty will transfer... 

10/11/01: Selection and Appointment of Academic Administrators

09/01: Position statement on status of Higher Education  

05/10/01*: Post-Tenure Review Policy 

04/12/01: Motion presented by Academic Support Committee re: Fall Break 2001 

03/15/01: University Faculty Senate position on new Mississippi flag.

02/08/01: Resolution...endorsing the rally...February 27, 2001  

12/07/00: Resolutions regarding University Standing Committees

12/07/00: Proposed Changes to the Post Tenure Review Policy +
Copy of Whole Policy

12/07/00: Responses to survey regarding attendance prior to fall break

12/07/00: Post Tenure Review Policy

11/09/00*: Resolution on the Office of Research & Graduate School (1st passed 10/97)

11/1999: Resolution to address several aspects of new health insurance package

11/1999: University Policy on Faculty Participation in Academic Governance

04/1999: University Standing Committeesincluding changes made by administration

04/1999: Proposed ByLaws Amendment, Election Process for Committees

03/1999: Copyright Policy: GAAC Approved

02/1999: Draft Revision: Proposed Standing Committees<

[1999?]: 02/1999: Resolution re: the Faculty Club Board of Directors &
Historical Overview

[1999?]: Report of the Task Force re: creation of a new School

11/1998: Policy to Allow for the Extension of the Pre-Tenure Probationary Period

04/1998: Copyright Policy Revision Alternative to the proposed copyright policy (Myers-Jensen draft)

02/1998: Copyright Policy Revision. Proposed Copyright Policy for the University of Mississippi. (original proposal from University Research Board)

02/1998: Proposed Honor Code (date discussed)

01/1998: Discussion draft of a policy re: est. of off-campus courses & programs

11/1997: Resolution re: "tobacco settlement" money...state employee's health insurance

10/1997: Proposed Changesto the local Faculty Activity Report (date presented)

05/1997: Committee Restructuring Proposal