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February 9, 1996

In attendance: Senators Alexander, Arico, Arnold, Bass, Bolen,Conlon, Cook, Cunningham, Eagles, Eftink, Emerson, Fisher-Wirth,George, Gilbert, Gorove, Hackett, Harlan, Hopkins, Jordan, Landon,Leary, Liberta, Mizenko, Ray, Schreiber, Schroeder, Sisson, LSmith, M Smith, Staton, Stefani, Sullivan-Gonzales, Taylor,

Varland, Williams, and Wood

Absent:Senators Banahan, Dorsey, Hall, Haws, Husni, Johnson, Malone, Sukanek, Vaaler, and Verlangieri

Prior notification: Senators Dyer, Frate, Klein, Komara, McLaughlin, and Williford

1. Presentation by Chancellor R. Khayat: Af ter introductory remarks, Chancellor Khayat introduced Dr. Andy Mullins, Special Assistant to the Chancellor. Dr. Mullins gave the Senate an update on legislative activities affecting Universities. He indicated that, although state revenues are on target, it is not expected that there will much new money for universities in the upcoming budget for general operating expenses and faculty salaries. He also explained that, although universities benefited from a bond bill last year, the governor opposes this year's bond bill, which is to include moneys for several projects at UM.

Dr. Khayat discussed the future accreditation visit for the University and his plan to invite Dr. J. Rogers for a pre-visit. The Chancellor indicated that student recruitment and retentionwere major concerns to be addressed under his leadership.Hesummarized the mission of a recently constituted RecruitmentandRetention Committee and some of his goals in this area.Heindicated that Dr. Carolyn Staton would chair a new task forceon advising.

Dr. Khayat then discussed a new initiative of trying to secure a Phi Beta Kappa chapter for the University. As part of this effort, four major goals were listed: enrichment of the J. D. Williams Library, an increase in the average ACT scores of entering students, establishing an endowment for teaching excellence, and establishing an endowment for an honors college. Dr. Khayat reported that he had previously presented these goals to the University Foundation Board and they had enthusiastically accepted the challenge of building the endowment for these purposes. Dr. Khayat recounted his visit with the national office of Phi Beta Kappa to receive advice about an application and his meeting with faculty members, who are Phi Beta Kappa, to charge them with preparing the application. Dr. R. Schroeder will chair a committee to prepare an application. A grant from the Hardin Foundation has already been received to help fund this application.

Finally, the Chancellor circulated information about the April llth inauguration ceremony and related activities.

2. Presentation by Dr. Carolyn Staton: Dr. Staton, Acting Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, informed the Senate about her involvement and recent actions toward the establishment of a Faculty Club and the movement of the Honors Center. She indicated that negotiations are in progress to purchase a sorority house and to renovate it to accommodate the Honors Center and, possibly, faculty offices. If this happens, there are goals to also renovate the building now occupied by the Honor Center (University House) for use as a Faculty Club House. Dr. Staton reviewed the history of the Faculty Club at UM, pointing out that this club was organized in 1909 and involved many renowned faculty, including Professors Hume and Bondurant. The Faculty Club dissolved in the early '70s. A committee has been appointed to make recommendations about the re-establishment of a Faculty Club.

3. Announcements and Reports: Brief reports were given by representatives on the search committees for the Provost and the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs. It was announced that a search Committee to replace Mr. Doyle Russell would soon be constituted. Chairperson Ray announced that the Elections Committee has been asked to expedite the elections of new senators, so that they would be in place for the April meeting, and that the Committee on Standing Committees has been asked to reconvene and to develop a membership list for the 196-97 year by the end of this semester.

4. New Business: No new business was presented.

(Minutes submitted by Senator Eftink, as a substitute for the Senator Williford.)

Chairman T J Ray