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Minutes of the Senate of the Faculty

September 14, 2000

Chair Tew called the meeting to order and declared a quorum at 7:03.

Present: A. Ajootian, J. Aubrey, B. Avery, B. Barkdoll, T. Bates, J. Bradley, L. Bush, J. Cassidy, W.Y. Chen, D. Chessin, B. Choinski, W. Cleland, A. Cooper, C. Cunningham, M. Danahy, S. Davis, K. Dellinger, C. Eagles, R. Ethridge, L. Harper, R. Haws, M. Kolassa, I. Labuda, F. Laurenzo, P. Malone, J. Martin, G. Miller, C. Mullen, D. Nagle, E. Payne, L. Pittman, K. Raber, R. Riggs, J. Reid, D. Rock, C. Ross, K. Sabol, W. Steel, C. Taylor, M. Tew, J. Watson, D. Wilkins, J. Williamson

Absent: J. Atkins, A. Canty, P. Cooker, L. Hanshaw, A. Mark*, T. Marshall, K. McKee, J. Payne, B. Robinson, G. Schrimer, R. Schroeder, L. Smith, T. Tyler

Provost Carolyn Staton spoke to the Faculty Senate and gave a good update on what is going on in several areas of the University. She stated that the new school proposal has been withdrawn, that guidelines for documentation will be made, and that the proposal should go back to the IHL Board in February 2001. Kai Fong Lee has been hired as Dean of Engineering. Searches are in progress for Dean of Pharmacy, Director of the Museums (Lucy Turnbull is acting Director), Vice-Chancellor of Student Life, and the search for Vice-Chancellor of Research and Graduate Studies commences next week. The search for Dean of Business has been suspended for one year. She clarified that the Chancellor=s announced $100,000 faculty development funds are $70,000 for faculty development and not for travel to present papers, and $30,000 for curriculum development. Lapsed salary money is going to create smart classrooms. Renovations are going on in Weir Hall where 2 new classrooms will be added; the Education building will go to Music; Education will go to Guyton; the Band Hall will be ready September 2001; Family and Consumer life will go to the Zeta house, Kinard Athletic Dorm will house UPD and other services. She concluded by responding to questions.

The minutes of the May meeting were approved.


1. During the summer, the Executive Committee worked on the feasibility of a Faculty House. Senator Martin gave a history of activities related to the Faculty House and presented:

A motion to ratify the following as a steering committee appointed by the Senate Executive Committee/Support Committee the summer: T. J. Ray, Julia Aubrey, Lee Bolen, Felice Coles, Don Fruge, Gerald Walton, John Winkle, Erskine Smith and, further, to request them to act as an independent body outside of the Senate to discern whether a Faculty House might be successful, and to make a proposal to the Senate.

There was much discussion, and proposed amendments, the motion was seconded by Senator Harper. A vote was taken and the motion failed.

2. The Executive Committee made a recommendation that Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies and Vice-Chancellor for Student life be Vice-Provosts since they report to the Provost.

3. A donor has been found for the day care center.

4. Staff Council wants a Committee on Staff appreciation.

5. The General Academic Affairs committee will consider a change so that a post-tenure review will be triggered by two negative evaluations.

Old Business:

1. There was a request that authors= names be added to information placed on the web.

2. Karen Green term on the Planning Council has ended. Someone asked that she continue until a replacement can be found. Senator Cleland moved that a vote on a new UPC representative be deferred one month, and this motion passed.

New Business:

1. Senator Bush requested that the meetings be moved to Conner when possible. The meeting will be moved to Conner for the October meeting.

2. In October, the Finance Committee will report on salaries. Senator Malone distributed information after the meeting to some Senators.

3. Senator Williamson moved that the following statement be sent to the Chancellor:

The Senate demands that at least Faser, Shoemaker, and Coulter be locked and secured before during, and after home football games to protect academic facilities.

It was seconded by Senator Martin. In order to vote, Senator Bradley moved that the rules be suspended; seconded by Senator Taylor. The suspension of the rules passed. Senator Williamson=s motion passed without dissent.

4. Chairman Tew requested that Committee Chairs meet with their respective committees.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.