Minutes of the Faculty Senate

October 12, 2000

Meeting called to order with a quorum at 7:07 pm.

Present: A. Ajootian, B. Barkdoll, J. Bradley, L. Bush, J. Cassidy, W.Y. Chen, W. Cleland, A. Cooper, S. Davis, K. Dellinger, C. Eagles, R. Ethridge, H. Guychen, L. Harper, I. Labuda, F. Laurenzo, P. Malone, A. Mark, J. Martin, K. McKee, E. Miller, D. Nagle, E. Payne, J. Payne, L. Pittman, K. Raber, D. Rock, K. Sabol, W. Steel, K. Swinden, C. Taylor, M. Tew, D. Wilkins, J. Williamson

Absent: J. Aubrey, B. Avery, T. Bates, D. Chessman, B. Choinski, P. Cooker, C. Cunningham, M. Danahy, L. Hanshaw, R. Haws, M. Kolassa, G. Miller, C. Mullen, J. Reid, R. Riggs, B. Robinson, C. Ross, R. Schroeder, L. Smith, T. Tyler, J. Watson,


The Chancellor gave the Senate an update of what has been happening at Ole Miss during the 1990s. Highlights of his talk included:

Enrollment is 11, 400 this year.

Minority enrollment increase to 20% of population.

African American enrollment increased to over 12% of the population.

Library has doubled in size.

Annual acquisition budget increase threefold over the last 5 years.

Endowments went from less than $1 million to over$12 million.

Research funding has doubled in 3 years.

We have an atlethic department we can be proud of.

Private support is at an all time high.

On Oct 21st Phi Beta Kappa counsel will vote on a chapter for Ole Miss.

There have been several changes: 1) physical changes: establishment of research centers across campus; 2) a greater emphasis on academic integrity and quality; 3) efforts are being made to attract better faculty and serious students; and 3) efforts are being made to enhance funding from a variety of sources.

Changes yet to come: 1) need to identify weakness in academics, administrative support system and student life programs on campus; and 2) change concerts to weekends.

The state budget is flat this year. Expect little or no growth this year and next year. The Chancellorís #1 goal is salary and benefits increase for faculty and staff. He has requested a 4% increase of the next 3 years. We took a double hit this year with flat salaries and an increase health premium. In 2001, between May and August, the University will be offering Executive screenings at the Health Center for $25 (screening of vital signs). There has been no increase in operating budgets. We must find a way to address this because the trend in state funding for the University will decline.

Lapsed salary policy pre '98 funds retained by department for position not filled. Now we have a policy to roll lapsed salaries forward as follows:

25% to University fund balance reserve

50% to Provost for faculty equipment

25% back to originating school or department

Since we have done this we have seen an increase in fund balance reserve and equipment. The Department heads are happy to have 25% stay in the school or department.

When the band is out of Johnson Commons, a small faculty dining room will be added the dining facilities.

Old Business:

Kees Gispen was nominated to the University Planning Council. There were no other nominations and he was accepted by acclamation.

Kentucky game went well with the science buildings closed; Faser was open to women only. Andy Mullen thinks it worked well; we may buy porta-potties next year.

A survey was sent to more than 1,000 faculty and administrators regarding a faculty club. Of 205 responses:

1) Do you support establishment of an alcohol-free Faculty Center or Faculty Club on campus in a location other than the George Street UniversityHouse?

Support 43

Oppose 54

Don't Care 83

2) Do you support establishment of an alcohol-free Faculty Center or Faculty Club in the George Street University House?

Support 85

Oppose 45

Don't Care 62


Senators Bush and Taylor suggested using the Barksdale-Isom House for a dining Room with no membership fee.

The Senate wants faculty representation on use of George Street House with consideration of Senate office there.

There was discussion of VC for Research and Graduate Studies being a joint position. Professor Charles Hussey, the chair of the search committee, gave reasons for separation. A motion was made by Senator Laurenzo and seconded by Senator Taylor to suspend the rules and vote to change the search from Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies to Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs.

After a great deal of discussion, Senator Malone called the question. By a vote of 12 to 8, the senate recommended that a search for a Vice Chancellor of Reseach and Sponsored programs be commenced immediately and that a search for a Vice Chancellor of Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate School be commences as soon as funds become available to support this position. 

The meeting was adjourned.