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Minutes of the Faculty Senate

November 9, 2000

The meeting was called to order with a quorum at 7:05 pm.

Present: A. Ajootian, B. Avery, B. Barkdoll, T. Bates, J. Cassidy, W.Yin Chen, D. Chessin,A. Cooper, C. Cunningham, M. Danahy, K. Dellinger, L. Harper, E. Keisa, M. Kolassa, I. Labuda, F. Laurenzo, P. Malone, A. Mark, K. McKee, K. Raber, J. Reid, R. Riggs, B. Robinson, K. Sabol, R. Schroeder, L. Smith, W. Steel, K. Swinden, M. Tew, T. Tyler, J. Watson, D. Wilkins,

Absent: J. Aubrey, J. Bradley, L. Bush, B. Choinski, W. Cleland, P. Cooker, S. Davis, C. Eagles, R. Ethridge, H. Guychen, L. Hanshaw, R. Haws, J. Martin, E. Miller, G. Miller, C. Mullen, D. Nagle, E. Payne, J. Payne, L. Pittman, D. Rock, C. Ross, C. Taylor, J. Williamson

Reports and Announcements

There were no reports from search committees.

Senator Raber reported that elections are proceding satisfactorily.

An announcement was made encouraging participation in United Way giving.

Cheryl Metrejean has been appointed to the Academic Suspension and Dismissal Appeals Committee. The Senate nominated two faculty members (Judith Cassidy and Kees Gispen) to serve on the search committee for the Dean of the Business School. Kees Gispen was selected by the Provost to serve.

There are two openings on Recruitment, Admission, Retention and Advising Committee/

Old Business

The minutes of the September meeting were approved.

Surveys conducted by the steering committee and by the faculty senate do not show evidence of sufficient support for a dues-based on-campus faculty center or faculty club. The Senate will recommend to the provost that the George Street House be used for academic purposes that best support the mission of the University.

New Business

The Executive committee recommended that the December meeting be held December 7, and the Senate agreed.

A resolution was put before the Senate by the Executive Committee regarding establishment of a Phi Beta Kappa chapter at the University of Mississippi:

The Senate of the Faculty of the University of Mississippi commends professor Ron Schroeder, the University of Mississippi Phi Beta Kappa faculty, Chancellor Robert Khayat, and other members of the university community for their successful efforts to establish a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Mississippi.

The resolution was seconded by Senator Danahy and passed with no opposition.

A resolution modifying the Post-Tenure Review Process of the University of Mississippi was put forth:

All tenured faculty members, including administrators, shall undergo a post-tenure review once every six years. Any promotion review of a tenured faculty member handled under existing tenure and promotion procedures shall be considered as equivalent to a scheduled post-tenure review and will postpone a separate, normally scheduled post-tenure review for six years. However, any faculty member who has received at least four >satisfactory= annual reviews in the six-year cycle shall be exempt from this post-tenure review. Post-tenure review for tenured faculty members holding administrative appointments will supplement, not substitute for, other assessments of their performance and administrative duties.

Senator Labuda seconded the resolution. After much discussion Senator Steele called the question. It passed with no opposition. There was a motion to forward the resolution to the General Academic Affairs Committee for review of the entire document before any final action is taken. It was seconded and passed with no opposition. The policy will be posted on the web.

A resolution regarding Standing Committees was deferred to the December meeting. The resolution is posted on the web. There was a request to send objections to Senator Mark by e-mail.

Senator Malone presented information on faculty salaries and compensation.

Business was concluded and the meeting adjourned.